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    YML DIFFUSIONestime & sens is a brand of organic cosmetics developped and produced in France since 2009. Totally convinced by organic products properties, both for the quality of the environment [...]


    STRAMATEL ELCTRONICS SCOREBOARDSSince 1981, the French company STRAMATEL has developed a strong reputation with international sport federations as: - Manufacturer of electronic scoreboards from school level to World [...]


    STAUBLIAs an expert in fluid and energy connections, Stäubli Connectors offers a range of standard and specific products: - quick-release couplings for all types of fluid: compressed air, [...]


    7SPEAKING7Speaking is blended weblearning innovative French company that offers an immersion solution on the web for learning languages (English, Business English , French , Spanish, German , [...]


    LA BELLE CHAURIENNEEstablished in 1964 the company LA BELLE CHAURIENNE is specialized in production of traditional gourmet French meals. We offer superb and very flavoursome French regional dishes and [...]

  • Houdec Innovation

    Houdec InnovationWe are designer and manufacturer of flow and level instruments, piping and boilers elements since 1938. We are able to purpose customized solutions from unitary parts to large [...]


    DRUSTDrust est une plateforme driver-centric qui connecte les conducteurs au cœur de leurs voitures et au reste de l’écosystème automobile. Ils leur fournissent des services à valeur [...]


    ANYWARE VIDEOAnyware Video is a key player in the european broadcasting industry for more over 17 years, creating innovative,complete and open solutions that offer Web Client interface, to the [...]


    SOPAC MEDICALSOPAC offers a large and economical range of plastic and glass packaging for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries for + 40 years: DROPPERS, MIXING CLOSURES, NOZZLES, [...]

  • Aquitaine Spécialités

    Aquitaine SpécialitésOur company Aquitaine Spécialités is located in the south-west of France, near Bordeaux. A team of 45 people is working continuously to produce and distribute a French speciality all [...]


    EMOVISemovis is a technology provider and service operator of toll-based infrastructures. The company opeates some of the world's biggest free-flow tolling schemes in Europe and in North [...]


    CEGELEC DEFENSECEGELEC Defense company is a major provider of crisis response and security commodities for the French Civil Defense, Homeland Security and Defense agencies. Distributed to NATO and [...]

  • DJIT

    DJITBased in Paris, DJiT is a software, hardware and technology company focused on making music creation more accessible for everyone. DJiT builds products for professional DJs and [...]

  • VOGO

    VOGOVOGO is a leader in mobile technology products that offer a compelling media experience for in-venue spectators and an all-new, high-touch marketing outlet for sponsors. Our VOGO SPORT [...]


    KAPSYSKAPSYS is a French company that designs and markets digital products for mobility and communication for seniors and visually impaired . Designed to make life easier for people, KAPSYS [...]


    ADDICT MOBILEAddict Mobile is a research-driven startup dedicated to mobile advertising technologies and services. We’re a small dedicated team based somewhere in Paris with backgrounds mostly [...]


    ENERBEEEnerBee, founded in 2014 and based in Grenoble, France, has developed and is industrializing an innovative motion-based energy harvesting technology that generates energy from all [...]


    TRANSVALORTransvalor is a leading French company providing extensive simulation software for various manufacturing processes including metal forming(forging, stamping), metal casting and polymer [...]

  • GoodBarber

    GoodBarberGoodBarber is the leading French and European platform for building mobile apps. GoodBarber provides software designed so that anyone can create a Beautiful App, for iPhone, iPad and [...]



  • JRI

    JRIFor over 160 years, the group has manufactured and designed control and traceability systems. Recognized for the high quality performance, the models and systems developed by JRI [...]

  • Partnair Industries

    Partnair IndustriesPARTNAIR INDUSTRIES and its subsidiaries are committing to provide to their customers, airing and ventilation solutions adapted to their specific issues in underground and closed work [...]


    CIFFA SYSTEMESCIFFA SYSTEMES distibutes flexible, floating and thermal cover. FLEXIBLE COVERS The range of AQUACIF ® and OLFACIF® flexible covers are designed to confine basins of sewage [...]


    POLYTECHS Polytechs is an independent company located in Cany Barville (Normandy, France). The company is specialized in the production of masterbatches, compounds, and compacted additive blends [...]

  • Laïta

    LaïtaLAÏTA is the largest dairy cooperative in Western France. LAÏTA collects 1.4 billion liters of milk every year from 3,750 certified farms to supply 8 production sites and sells over [...]


    DERMSCAN GROUPDERMSCAN performs In-vivo clinical studies and biomedical researches. We are the French leader in the evaluation of safety and efficacy of raw materials, finished cosmetic products, [...]


    POM ALLIANCEPom'Alliance is a leading company in the French market and a major operator on the European fresh potato market. The company is a collector, storer, packer and trader of fresh [...]


    LES SALINES DE GUERANDELes Salines de Guérande is a cooperative of around 200 salt workers. The cooperative stocks, packages and markets the Guérande sea salt hand-harvested by the salt workers. Our stock [...]

  • La Maison Turrini

    La Maison TurriniLa Maison Turrini / David Lange is manufacturing high-end contemporary furniture for residential and commercial projects of every size, collaborating with some of the most prestigious [...]


    BIO-MODELING SYSTEMSCorrect understanding of life mechanisms makes novel integrated diagnostics, therapies & preventive solutions discovery smarter, faster & cheaper for healthcare, diagnostic, health [...]

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