Awards and Trophies handed out by World Efficiency as part of COP21

Business France - 30-nov.-2015 17:33:47

  Trophies for Climate Solutions An increasing number of businesses are committed to production, construction, development and operations models that have less impact on resources and the climate. Innovative solutions in terms of reducing energy consumption, cutting greenhouse gases and safeguarding resources already exist. With a view to highlighting them, the ADEME (French Environment and Management Agency), C3D (Collège des Directeurs du Développement Durable), Crédit Coopératif, Orée Association (Business and Local Areas), Solutions COP21, Shift Project and World Efficiency have launched the first Trophies for Climate Solutions. Certified by the COP21 "solutions agenda", the purpose of the trophies is to recognise the best climate change attenuation and/or adaptation solutions and give these initiatives a standard-setting value for other businesses looking to take action in these areas. The Trophies will be officially awarded on 2 December 2015 at the “Galerie des Solutions” expo held at Le Bourget Exhibition Centre by World Efficiency during COP21 . The winners will receive exposure on 4 December at the Winners Conference as part of the COP21 Solutions event at the Grand Palais in Paris. Learn more:   Green Building Solutions Awards 2015 This year, the international network Construction21* is putting on a unique Green Building Solutions Awards event to mark the occasion of COP21. The contest, which is coordinated by ten Construction21 platforms, highlights six categories of climate solutions: Net Zero Energy Buildings Low Energy Renovation Renewable Energies Bio-based and Recycled Materials Smart Buildings Health & Comfort. As the first European awards for sustainable construction solutions, the contest takes place in two stages: a national contest in each participating country takes between May and September to short-list projects, and then an international contest is held between October and December to select the national winners in each category.  Official presentation of winners and prize-giving ceremony on 3 December at the Galerie des Solutions Expo held at Le Bourget Exhibition Centre during COP21.   *The Construction21 network boasts ten national platforms (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Romania, Spain) and an international platform in English that is directly connected to the European Commissions Build Up portal for energy efficiency in buildings. Learn more: Official website :  

A unique exhibition of low carbon solutions during COP21

Business France - 30-nov.-2015 17:24:22

  THE SOLUTIONS GALLERY : From 2nd to 9th December in the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget, France The Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21) this December is intended to result in an international climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. This agreement must be capable of driving forward the reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions so as to restrict the rise in the Earth’s mean temperature by the end of the century to 2°C above the pre-industrial level.  Against this background, Reed Expositions France has been working with the General Secretariat of COP21 to organize the Solutions Gallery from 2nd to 9th December in the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget. Intended to support the diplomatic negotiations, the Gallery will be an exhibition of low carbon solutions exclusively reserved for professionals, and its mission will be to demonstrate that solutions do exist and to accelerate their market uptake.  Occupying an area of 10,000 m2, running for seven days, and accessible from the Blue Zone (COP negotiations zone), the Solutions Gallery will present innovative solutions developed and applied by companies, industries or territories that are designed to reduce the impact of economic activities on the climate: equipment, technologies, new models of organization and reproducible best practices…  Over twenty countries will be represented including: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark , Germany, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom,… More specifically, the Ivory Coast, one of the African countries most committed to climate questions, will have a strong presence through a stand presenting initiatives and projects in the country, a broadcast from the TV studio, and visits by numerous officials from the country. As host country, what France has to offer will take pride of place in a dedicated space at the heart of the exhibition.  It is therefore planned to demonstrate solutions – including clean vehicles in a dedicated outdoor space – and to stage special events, such as themed days that are integrated into the schedule of COP21, broadcasts and interviews with companies in a TV studio (eg. daily transport programme with Fer de France), guided tours and site visits for UN delegations. Other highlights will be prestige events such as networking sessions in a dedicated lounge, business lunches, VIP receptions in the heart of Paris… It will also host the official awards ceremonies for two sets of awards. The first Climate Solutions Awards, which will carry the COP21 label. Organized by Orée, AdEME, C3D, Crédit Coopératif, Solutions COP21, the Shift Project and World Efficiency, these will provide recognition for innovative solutions put forward by French SMEs or major groups to reduce energy consumption, limit greenhouse gases and preserve resources. There will also be the ceremony for the international Green Building Solutions Awards, which will be presented for outstanding examples of sustainable construction (building, technical solutions or materials) undertaken in countries covered by Construction21 or in its partner countries.  Over 20,000 professional visitors are expected: participants in COP21 (heads of state, ministers, UN delegations from 197 countries), professionals (private and public sector decision makers and specifiers, delegations invited by the organizers…) and representatives of the media (printed press, radio, television, blogs).   Official website :  


Brigitte MARCEL - 20-oct.-2014 15:23:14

PARIS MASTERGROUP, a team of several engineering and architectural offices, is coming to Copenhagen between the 27th and 29th of October. Some of their areas of expertise:   • Urban and landscaping modelling, direction of the execution of the projects • Conception and project supervision of public spaces • Conception and supervision of architectural projects • Creation of eco districts • Reconvertion of brownfield sites and social housing areas • Integration of the transport challenge into the projects (multimodality and intermodality, parking, dedicated public transports, pedestrian and bike traffic) and technical expertise (benchmarking of public transports, analysis of traffic balance …) • Rehabilitation of historic buildings (mostly 19th century) – mostly converted into another use (cultural center, gym...) • Rehabilitation and extensions of building (schools. Library, retirement home) whilst still occupied   Projects in France:        Lyon: - Multimedia library and cinema extension of the City Council of Villefranche - The «Atelier» cultural centre - Rehabilitation and extensions of the multimedia library / Village hall - Ella Fitzgerald college - Rehabilitation and extensions of the College - Urban renewal of Lyon’s north-western of the 9th arrondissement - Urban renewal of Lyon Rhône banks - La Tourette high school Toulouse: - Toulouse ZAC Cartoucherie, urban qualification master plan of a former cartridge factory in multi-functional eco-district - Toulouse Reynerie district, an urban development project of Mirail area Nimes: - Nîmes Urban renewal of the Roman amphitheatre, with Grontmij as engineers Reims: - Reims Forward-planning 2020 - a shared urban project for a sustainable metropolis   Project in Finland:   Helsinki: - Helsinki Parc of Länsisatamanpuisto, an urban park in the former docklands   Would you like to know more about PARIS MASTERGROUP and perhaps meet them when they come to Copenhagen between the 27th and 29th of October? Do not hesitate to contact Brigitte Marcel at UBIFRANCE (the French Embassy’s trade department). Mail til: eller ring på +45 33 37 61 79  


Brigitte MARCEL - 17-oct.-2014 15:15:26

    EFFINATURE er den første miljøcertificering af bygninger og bykvarterer som fremmer biologisk mangfoldighed. Certificeringen anerkendes af internationale organisationer som OECD og UNEP m.fl. som det fremgår af ECOLABEL INDEX’S hjemmeside. EFFINATUREs mål er at: - begrænse bygningers negative påvirkning på miljøet og  - fremme biodiversitet i hverdagen. Referencer ved blandt andre: Nexity Ywood - (Marseille), Øko-distriktet Haut-Careï (Menton), Provinces Immobilier (Toulouse), etc. Partnere inkluderer: WWF, ECOCERT, FRB, etc. Er du interesseret i at høre mere om EFFINATURE eller møde gruppen NOVACERT som står bag certificeringen, kontakt venligst Brigitte Marcel ved Den Franske Ambassades Handelsafdeling i København. For videre information: Mail til: eller ring på 33 37 61 79. 

Bæredygtig byudvikling: Vivapolis genopfinder byfremtiden

Anthony BATES - 12-mai-2014 13:56:31

  Sustainable urban development: Vivapolis is re-inventing the future for cities Imagine the city for tomorrow. That’s the daily challenge many French companies are ready to meet today, all of them re-grouped under the brand Vivapolis. French know-how in providing solutions definitely has takers elsewhere in the world. Today, major cities throughout the world are searching for very specific expertise when it comes to developing, renewing and re-inventing themselves. France certainly has the high caliber players -- Bouygues, Vinci, Eiffage, Alstom, Veolia, Egis – to go along with innumerable SME positioned on very technological niche markets that respond to crucial challenges for tomorrow. Initiated by French public authorities, Vivapolis regroups the wide range of expertise French companies have to offer to meet the needs of cities all around the world. “Simply because it is always easier to focus attention on a name everyone can recognize,” explains Caroline Olivier, Environment Project Manager at Ubifrance. More than 70 French enterprises focused on sustainable cities have risen to the challenge by joining Vivapolis. Certified know-how Demonstrations of their know-how abound: whether it’s the Grand Paris, Grand Lyon, the Euro-Mediterranean project in Marseille, the Urban Community of Bordeaux, among other initiatives. For all of these sites, there are several issues that need to be faced: mobility, managing energy, pollution… One common thread shared by all of these urban development projects involves improving the quality of life and social cohesion in these cities to make them more attractive. Several ambitious projects have been started to develop responses. One key example is the Auto-Lib system in Paris to reduce circulation in the city with non-polluting electrical cars. Bordeaux Euratlantique, an extensive construction endeavor, reveals the wide scope of action Vivopolis is capable of.   Relying especially on the development of eco-quarters, the project combines energetic efficiency, water recycling and a solar-energy plant. International markets lining up Vivapolis is ready for export. It’s already present in Morocco, where public authorities hope to benefit from French know-how to develop a new city of Chrafate in the region of Tanger-Tetouan. “They requested assistance from the French to help them carry out this ambitious project,” adds Caroline Olivier. The same thing is true for Turkey, with the youngest population in Europe. Turkish authorities expect French companies to help them integrate this youthful population more effectively in a cityscape that is constantly growing. As for China, its gigantic projects require showing up with turnkey proposals. Over the past 10 years, France has already carried out more than 200 projects in approximately fifty Chinese cities. Another highlight is the French eco-quarter that is going to be built in the Tiexi district in Shenyang. Alstom and its joint-venture, Satée, won a deal amounting to € 75 Million to provide locomotives for 550 wagons on Subway Lines 3 and 4 in Chengdu, the 5 th largest city in China. For Caroline Olivier, “Vivapolis involves a large number of French companies working on sustainable cities,” responding to key issues in urbanization for emerging countries as well as for renewal of major cosmopolitan areas worldwide. The latest scoop for Vivapolis? France is getting cutting-edge, using state of the art technologies, proposing 3D simulations for these international projects to allow deciders to visualize different possibilities for a quarter or city. These virtual scale models showcase all of Vivapolis’ partners and their specializations. It is now being tested for initiatives in Astana and Santiago in Chile.

Dansk stjernearkitekt vinder grønt kæmpeprojekt i Paris

Brigitte Marcel - 19-juin-2013 16:23:54

AF Karsten R.S. Ifversen, arkitekturredaktør. Kilde: Politiken 19. apr. 2013 Tegnestuen BIG har vundet fransk arkitektkonkurrence om at skabe EuropaCity. Den danske tegnestue BIG skal lave et grønt kæmpeskalaprojekt på 80 hektar i Paris’ udkant, EuropaCity. Det skal rumme koncertsal, kontorer, butikker, landbrug, indendørs skibakke, udendørs spa og mange flere funktioner, der vil profitere af hinandens ressourcer. BIG har foreslået at kombinere en tæt by med et åbent landskab. Det gør de ved at skære byen med smalle gader ud af en stor skive - et grønt tag med rekreative områder, vandrestier og små landbrug. EuropaCity vil blive direkte forbundet til den nye Grand Paris Express Metro til Paris’ centrum. Det urbane økosystem skal drives af biobrændsel og jordvarme og selv levere fjernvarme.

Fransk deltagelse i World Climate Solutions

Brigitte MARCEL - 27-oct.-2010 15:31:24

Fire franske cleantech-virksomheder Karo Solar, Solar 21, Ecoprise og Kemica deltog i WCS 29.- 30. september 2010. Disse virksomheder fik mulighed for at studere det danske cleantech-marked ved at deltage i konferencer og møder med repræsentanter fra Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster og Symbiosis.Besøget i den grønne bydel Vesterbro var ligeledes en mulighed for disse virksomheder for bedre at forstå de danske kommuners engagement i bæredygtigt byggeri. Temaet for WCS nedtop var « the smart City ». Københavns Kommune (sponsor), Århus, og Kalundborg kommuner deltog også i WCS. De franske virsomheder ønsker at eksportere til Danmark og indgå partnerskaber med danske virksomheder. De franske virksomheder er : KaRo Solar – radiant ceiling Kemica - - grøn kemi   Solar 21 - - solar lamper Hvis de er interesseret i ovenstående bedes De kontakte : Brigitte Marcel eksportrådgiver Tlf.: 33 37 61 79

Afdelingen for Industri, Energi, Miljø, Transport & Infrastruktur fungerer som bindeled mellem danske firmaer og franske leverandører og dækker følgende områder: - Miljø, kemi, affaldsbehandling, vandbehandling - Infrastruktur, anlægsprojekter og -maskiner - Transport, automobiler og udstyr - Industri, underleverandører, intelligente tekstiler - Energi, herunder vedvarende energi Vi har et indgående kendskab til den franske industri, som danske firmaer med fordel kan drage nytte af. Vi kan bistå med at etablere kontakt til franske firmaer der ligger inden for netop Deres firmas interessefelt. Vi organiserer events hele året rundt med henblik på at gøre det lettere for danske firmaer at mødes med franske leverandører. Handelsafdelingens team inden for Industri, Energi, Miljø, Transport & Infrastruktur står klar til at besvare Deres forespørgsler inde

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