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YON-KA® Paris is looking for a professional skin care distributor in Denmark

Annemette Jensen - 07-août-2015 15:28:38

The Yon-Ka® brand, created in 1954, was a pioneer in phytoaromatic treatments and is today distributed in France and across the world by over 5000 treatment professionals – spas and salons. Yon-Ka® products and treatments are based on 5 essential oils with extraordinary powers - lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme - a treat for the senses and an exclusive formula which reinforces the effectiveness of the natural active ingredients. By carefully studying and documenting the use of thousands of Essential Oils, Yon-Ka® Paris now boasts the most comprehensive and ecologically sound range of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (plant based) beauty products. Formulated, manufactured, tested and distributed by Laboratoires Multaler, a French family company, each product comes with a promise of authenticity and rigor, dictated by the brand’s ethics and the scientists’ techniques: chemical engineers, pharmacy and biology doctors. If you’re an established distributor on the Danish, and maybe Scandinavian, market with a sales department, technical training staff, service administration and storage facilities, Yon-Ka® would be very interested in getting in touch with you. Please contact Annemette Jensen, tel. 33 37 61 78 for further information.

Medium companies are today’s France real champions

Anthony BATES - 05-août-2015 14:16:44

  The field of technical innovation for medical devices in France is made of hundreds of startup, small and medium companies. But not big ones yet.   « Medium companies are today’s France real champions (like Vygon), and we also have very innovative small companies (like Eos Imaging or Mauna Kea Technologies)», tells Florent Surugue, SMEs and economic development manager at Snitem in this interview with Business France Radio.   Founded in 1987, Snitem is the first professional organisation representing the French medical devices and technological innovation market, carrying between 85 and 100% of the market in terms of turnover, bringing all together more than 375 companies, defending their interests on the market and helping them develop abroad. « This market is mostly made of small and medium companies (89% of companies are under 250 people within the members of Snitem) », as Florent Surugue recalls in this interview. And his dream is to see these startups grow into small then medium than large businesses.   How could they do that? French companies’ main assets are their capacity «to develop very innovative products » and Florent Surugue is convinced that they « have the ability to show that they can create a strong value » to the French and global market. But according to him, the French market is very hard to enter right now due to strong barriers in terms of market access and these startups should start looking for a development abroad very soon in their development process.  

French customized Children’s Wear brand is looking for opportunities in Denmark

AJ - 15-avr.-2015 16:31:58

  COCOLICO is the first brand offering to concept stores and retailers to create limited edition and Made in France collections for children. Discover this new high quality concept, 100% conceived and Made in France and express your creativity ! Starting from the existing patterns presented on the website, create online your garment for children from 0 to 8 years : choose the size, shape, fabrics, fabric patterns and every single detail ; use our customization tool and experience a really entertaining co-creation process. In our workshop in Montauban, dressmakers take care of the entire manufacturing process. Our top of the range garments, perfectly tailored, are each sent with a polaroid photo of the dressmaker who made it. This picture creates a close and personalized relationship between the dressmaker, the customer and the child who will wear the garment. Shops and retailers can create a unique collection in their image or even imagine an exclusive and dedicated collection with the name of their store on a metallic label put on every garment. Please visit website for further information, or contact Annemette Jensen : T 33 37 61 78  

Distributor wanted for innovative medical device

Annemette Jensen - 10-avr.-2015 14:21:46

  French start-up BodyCap has won the 2014 « Connected Object for Health Purposes » prize organised by the French consortium « Embedded France » and the French Ministry for Economy and Industry.  Bodycap specializes in the development of miniature electronic sensors and monitors for continuous measurement of patient’s temperature. The company has developed an ingestible capsule that measures the patients gastrointestinal temperature in real time thus enabling professionals to monitor continually their patient’s physiological condition for diagnostic purposes, monitoring or clinical trials. The medical device can be used in the operating theatre during surgery and replaces the traditional temperature probe. It can also be used during resuscitation and for post-operative follow-up. Moreover, the device interfaces with smart objects (smartphones, tablets) via a recovery key, in order to facilitate the remote monitoring of patients by medical staff as part of a telemedicine system. The medical device is already being used on animals and will be marketed for human use in 2015. BodyCap is currently looking for a medical distributor in Denmark and on the Nordic markets. Please contact Annemette Jensen, tlf. 33 37 61 78 for further information.

168 French companies at MEDICA COMPAMED 2014

Annemette JENSEN - 04-nov.-2014 18:25:46

  MEDICA is the world’s largest international medical technology exhibition and congress. This year, the edition will take place from 12th to 15th November in Düsseldorf, Germany . With more than 70 countries represented, world’s leading companies in the medical sector will exhibit innovative equipments, medicines and treatments, covering every area of the sector. UBIFRANCE agency will gather in the French Pavilion a delegation of 168 companies over 6 thematic exhibition areas: - National and international joint participants, electromedicine, medical technology (Hall 17) - Disposables, commodities and consumer goods, textiles (Hall 7a) - Physiotherapy, orthopaedic equipment (Halls 4 et 5) - Laboratory equipment, diagnostics (Hall 3) - Compamed : a trade fair for the medical supplier industry and product development (Hall 8b) Key figures for MEDICA 2013 : More than 132,000 trade visitors from 120 countries across all continents 53 % from countries outside of Europe 4,618 exhibitors from all 66 countries Approximately 116,000 m2 of exhibition space To find out more about France’s offer : Catalogue MEDICA COMPAMED 2014 Official portal to meet-the-French-Health-Industry For more information please visit the event website : MEDICA Trade Fair

French sports-events companies keep on winning

Anthony BATES - 19-août-2014 15:44:00

While the men’s French football team had its last kick in this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, many French companies continued their successful campaign at the world’s premier sporting event. Rio de Janeiro was the host of the final of the World Cup and one could see signs of French business presence almost everywhere. GL Events of France managed Rio Centro, an exposition park that was the site of FIFA’s organization committee and press centre. Nearby sits a 306-room hotel that was used by many of the FIFA delegates: it was built by French construction group Bouygues and designed by French-born architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Each day, when officials arrived at the state-of-the-art Maracana stadium, the renewable energy powering the stadium was supplied thanks to a pilot project run by French energy group EDF and its partners. French-based companies have a long history of winning contracts for the supply of products and services at major international sporting events. According to Viviane Silberstein, Project Head at UBIFRANCE, much of the winning know-how of French businesses is acquired in their domestic market: “When French companies go abroad, they have to adapt to other markets, but domestic experience already gives a reference and an image, like Roland Garros or the next European football championship, and this is very important for an organizing committee.” France has proven experience in handling international sports events: the country has hosted various Winter Olympics (Chamonix, Grenoble and Albertville), the 1984 UEFA European Championship, the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Every year, France organizes the Tour de France cycling event. Roland Garros is another key international sporting event organised in France, and the country will host the 2016 UEFA European Championship.   GL Event’s performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics helped the company to launch a successful bid for contracts during this summer’s Football World Cup in Brazil. GL Events was responsible for the design and installation of 25 indoor and 15 temporary outdoor sites across London — a contract that represented €21 million. However, even before this sizeable addition to its portfolio, GL Events had been managing a range of international events in Paris for years. In 2014, the Winter Olympics — the most expensive in history, at a total cost of $51 billion — took place in Sochi, in the Russian Federation: 12 French companies won a total of €100 million in contracts. A 2013 survey of the Rhône-Alpes region in South-Eastern France found that there are 300 locally based companies involved in the management of the winter-sports industry, bringing in approximately €1 billion in revenue per year. After all, France ranks third worldwide in winter-sports tourism, after Austria and the USA… French companies, building on their track record, have been successful domestically and internationally in this field. Innovative companies, which offer new products and technologies, find opportunities to showcase their solutions and grow. Seat Advert is a very young company that is revolutionizing the sporting experience: its small screens, as installed in stadiums, allow viewers to peruse ads and access real-time information, including game statistics. Seat Advert’s innovative solution has already found new clients in Mexico, with plans to expand into South America. The company has recently been awarded a contract for this year’s World Equestrian Games in Normandy, in North-Western France. Esportec Eco-Industriel is yet another young innovative company developing natural and ecological surfacing solutions for outdoor spaces. ECO’STABIL®, its patented material, is made out of waste and can be combined with other recycled products. While many of the uses of this and other products are not entirely recreational, they can be used to create cycle tracks, equestrian paths and footpaths. Currently, the company exports to Morocco, Benelux countries and Switzerland: the potential for expansion of this eco-friendly material in export markets is considerable, as more and more international sports events require contractors to pay attention to environmental considerations. Ms V Silberstein of UBIFRANCE explains that French companies are not afraid to take on the biggest challenges and, with their many successes, it is not surprising that, “They are approaching the market based on the biggest business opportunities, and these are the biggest international events, international football events, and Olympic Games. The criterion is not francophone and country specific and, now, UBIFRANCE is working with companies on all events.” International opportunities will continue to grow, with the $100 billion in new investments expected at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, $15 billion at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and $30 billion for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Apart from the biggest prizes over the next decade, there is a diverse set of opportunities that can sustain a business in the coming years. For example, there are smaller but lucrative events that French companies can target through UBIFRANCE, including sales expositions in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and preparatory events in Saint Petersburg (Russia) for the 2018 World Cup, all in the next 12 months. Furthermore, existing markets are always in a state of flux and French companies with good products and services are being rewarded with new contracts. Bodet, an equipment manufacturer specializing in scoreboards and video screens, is a prime example. Even though this French company has been present in the Middle East for more than 30 years, it recently acquired new business from Al Jazeera Sport Studios and in relation to stadiums in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City. While Ms Silberstein admits that, “The international sports-event market is extremely competitive,” it is also clear that many French companies, encouraged by expertise gained in their domestic market, are more than ready for the challenge. Besides, as she points out, “New opportunities and existing national markets will only grow over the next decade, with contracts that are so big that, if you have a small percentage of this contract, it is worth fighting for it.” In conclusion, it is clear that French-based companies are poised to continue with their off-the-pitch success in this competitive market.

Interview with Pradip Bala, Managing Director of Beyond Beauty Paris

Annemette JENSEN - 17-juil.-2014 15:32:24

The Beauty Week starts in Paris with 500 exhibitors gathered at the Cosmeeting & Creative Beauty tradeshows during 3 days! It is the place to discover & explore the latest innovations and trends, product launch, new services and business solutions... Cosmeeting and Creative Beauty Paris will take place concurrently in Paris, from 9 to 11 September 2014. Pradip Bala, who is holding, since last year, the reins of these two events, gives us a sneak preview of the main highlights of this new edition. What do Cosmeeting and Creative Beauty look like this year? Pradip Bala - The year 2014 promises to be a great edition. There will be a reinforced international presence with many foreign pavilion: USA, Italy, China, Taiwan, South Korea... As we are the first cosmetic trade event in France, Cosmeeting and Creative Beauty Paris are the ideal spot to showcase the French expertise led by many institutions, who have made of our shows an unavoidable appointment: Cosmetic Valley, Cosmed, Cosmebio, Ecocert, etc. Early September, our shows give the starting signal of the Beauty Week, which mobilizes the entire cosmetic industry in September, with four events following one another during the 2nd half of the month: Cosmeeting & Creative Beauty Paris, MCB by Beauté Sélection and the Victoires de la Beauté. Creative Beauty Paris is establishing itself more and more as a platform for full service solutions for the creation of cosmetic products or line extensions. Where can be found major industry players and development teams, who reinvent the sector every year. Cosmeeting Paris enables to discover brands that will make the buzz tomorrow: more than 150 brands come together to approach European distribution. But very often our exhibitors also experience wonderful stories with distributors from Asia, the Middle East, the United States or even Africa. More than ever, we want to emphasis on the expertise of our exhibitors and foster contacts between visitors. For the second consecutive year, we offer them a personalized tour guide. With this guide – identifying a selection of exhibitors and their location on the show – the visitor can easily target the companies answering his criteria. In the same vein, we have set up moments of exchanges between key visitors and exhibitors, around networking lunches. The Zoom area and the Beauty Challenger Awards, dedicated to start-up’s in the French market are traditionally two highlights of Cosmeeting. How are they evolving? Pradip Bala - The Zoom area is a beautiful showcase for innovation in cosmetics. It truly reflects the creativity and inventiveness of the numerous enthusiasts in our industry. Nearly 45 brands will be present in this area that enables to take the pulse of the industry and discover the players who will act as growth drivers for distributors and the whole sector. You will find brands that make us see Beauty differently, inviting stakeholders to consider the beauty industry differently, to rewrite the codes. But this year, we will go beyond the Zoom concept, towards a new area called Cosmeeting Selective, which will hosts already established selective brands wishing to extend their reach. Already well developed in their respective markets these brands are seeking to conquer new countries. They will be able in this area, to take part to scheduled appointments with key buyers. In parallel, we will be organizing the 9th edition of the Beauty Challenger Awards. And there are lots of new features for 2014! Jury members will consist of major players in Europe (Intertrade, Galeries Lafayette, Marks & Spencer, Isolée), but also a fine representation of the Asian continent with the distributors Beyorg, Chainol and Rebeco, to name a few. Middle East beauty leaders also answered the call: Gulf Beauty International, Salam Studio & Stores and Chalhoub Group, among others. For the 3rd consecutive year, our partnership with the Victoires de la Beauté makes it possible for the winners of the Beauty Challenger Awards to enter this competition where they can test their products in real conditions with consumers. A ideal way of validating the choice of professionals through public recognition. We will also be inaugurating this year the Prix de l’Internaute with our partner Where a panel of online consumers will vote for their favourite brand. This is totally new. What are the novelties at Creative Beauty Paris for this 2014 edition? Pradip Bala - The featured theme, this year will be provided by the BBLAB, whose theme will focus on hair care. From Ingredients to formulation, players in the BBLAB will put forward their solutions meeting the requirements of large cosmetic groups, who are constantly active in this segment. These experts will also attend conferences, where they will contextualize their expertise and shed light on their innovations. In connection with the BBLAB area, we will be inaugurating a new prize this year,: the Advanced Ingredient Award, rewarding the most innovative ingredient, evaluated by a panel of R & D and Product Development experts: Bruno Bernard (L’Oréal), Xavier Ormancey (Yves Rocher), Brian Feinmann (Jean-Claude Biguine), Laurent Misischi (Bumble & Bumble), Paolo Goi (Davines), Élodie Miard (Dessange International) and Tom Brooks (Leonor Greyl). A jury of choice for a superb first edition! This year was marked by international development with the first edition of China Beauty Expo, since its acquisition, and the launch of Beyond Beauty ASEAN, which will take place in Bangkok from 18 to 20 September 2014. Pradip Bala - This is a huge step forward in the beauty industry! We are strengthening our presence on a market with great growth opportunities. The Informa Group, Beyond Beauty Events and local organizers (Baiwen for China Beauty Expo and IMPACT for Beyond Beauty ASEAN) are now moving forward hand-in-hand, with as a main objective, to offer new business solutions to beauty players in Europe, China and Asia. More precisely, China Beauty Expo is now more specifically dedicated to the Asian market to offer the best possible gateway to the great Chinese market. As for Beyond Beauty ASEAN in Bangkok, it strengthens our visibility in Southeast Asia and offers more targeted solutions to brands and suppliers looking for a business platform with a regional influence. With the launch in Shanghai and Bangkok of platforms like the Zoom or the Beauty Challenger Awards - known in Paris for over 10 years - we offer our European exhibitors an opportunity to conquer new markets through joint exhibition offers. We hope we will be able to establish in the future more similar bridges between these three events. Interview by Vincent Gallon

Afdelingen for Mode, Bolig & Sundhed fungerer som bindeled mellem danske firmaer og franske leverandører og dækker følgende områder: - Tekstil, tøj, modeaccessories - Parfume og kosmetik - Medico- og farmaceutiske produkter, bioteknologi - Boligudstyr, gaveartikler, gør-det-selv, byggematerialer - Sport, fritid, leg, kulturelle produkter, turisme Vi har et indgående kendskab til det franske udbud af produkter, som danske firmaer med fordel kan drage nytte af. Vi kan bistå med at etablere kontakt til franske leverandører inden for netop Deres firmas interessefelt. Vi organiserer events hele året rundt med henblik på at gøre det lettere for danske firmaer at mødes med franske leverandører. Handelsafdelingens team inden for Mode, Bolig og Sundhed står klar til at besvare Deres forespørgsler. Kontakt: Annemette Jensen Eksportr

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