Ozwater 2011

Bertrand Pinardlegry - 10-mars-2011 00:05:14
As Australia is facing recurring water issues, Ozwarter has become one of the major events to address the wide ranging issues that face the water industry today such as major national water reforms, climate change and its impacts, technological advances and the challenges of human resources to name a few. It is an event like no other, where professionals are gathered to exchange about the best practices in the water sector and where issues are discussed with specialists. Thus, the Ozwater ’11 Conference will also feature various international and national keynote speakers, scientific and technical papers, case studies, workshops and electronic poster sessions. For all those reasons the Ozwater exhibition embodies a unique opportunity for the French companies, renowned for their knowhow in the water supply sector, to meet Australian counterparts. In this view the French Trade Commission has decided to actively participate to this exhibition. For more information on the event organized by the French Trade Commission: or .    Also on the blog: Ozwater
François COTIER, Country Director, Business France, Australia & New Zealand : Business France, the French Agency for international business development, lies at the heart of France’s public-sector export support framework. With 80 Trade Commissions in 60 countries, Business France offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at accompanying French-based companies in their development on export markets : The French Trade Commission - Business France in Australia, part of the French diplomatic mission in Australia, is dedicated to the promotion of the French companies and especially the SMEs on the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are organised in four departments : 1. Food, Beverages & Agriculture 2. Fashion, Homeware, Health and Beauty 3. Infrastructure, Transport, Industry, Energy, Environment 4. ICT, Innovation, Services Formed by a team of dedicated trade advisors, Business France Australia - New Zealand offers to the Frenc


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