Innovative and diversified range of French companies at the Inter Airport Europe exhibition

Yousra Lahbabi - 30-août-2015 10:45:25
United Arab Emirates; August 2015 – The French airport industry will be very active at the 20th edition of the Inter Airport Europe exhibition in Munich, with 25 companies representing various sectors of the industry. The French companies will be grouped together in a 376,5 m² French section organized by Business France, a government agency supporting the international development of the French economy . A leading global exhibition, Inter Airport Europe is a not-to-missed event to meet the international decision-makers and buyers of the airport industry. The global airport sector has successfully withstood the economic crisis. By 2016, it is estimated that 3.6 billion passengers will be transported per year. Backed by this optimistic outlook, numerous airport terminal projects are emerging throughout the world. Furthermore, the growing number of passengers and the rapid development of new technologies make it essential to modernize existing airports. France holds a strong position on the global market, thanks to its numerous facilities and its significant expertise across all airport services. The French industry is organized into different sectors covering studies, construction, equipment and systems as well as services divided into three clusters: air traffic control and ground traffic, airline stopovers and air terminals. The French companies participating at the Inter Airport Munich exhibition will be representative of the diversity of the sector and showcase French excellence. The French airport exhibitors will represent some of the worlds largest groups including ADPI, VINCI, THALES to name but a few, as well as certain SMEs specialized in various market segments (Ground Support Equipment, lighting, ticketing or passenger information systems). Frances airport equipment and consulting businesses will be showcased at Inter Airport Europe by Proavia, an association that promotes and provides information on French airport and air security technology. Come visit the French exhibitors in hall B6, stands 610 to 716 and meet the following companies: ADB AIRFIELD SOLUTIONS (end-to-end visual guidance solutions – ), AEROPAX (deployable passenger boarding tunnels – ), ALSTEF (baggage handling systems – ), ANYLOGIC (management of pedestrian flows in airports – ), ATERMES (high-tech aviation equipment – ), CARTEL MANUTENTION (blast fences, baggage trolleys, passenger stairs, etc. - ), DEDIENNE AEROSPACE (aircraft maintenance tooling - ), DERVAUX (aircraft warning lights – ), DESCHAMPS (aircraft recovery equipment – ), ELAUL (autonomous lighting and lighting systems - ), FORTAL (docks and stepladders – ), GATE (ground support equipment - ), GLOBALSYS (wireless communication systems - ), HIFI FILTER (European filtration specialist – ), MONROC (industrial manufacturer of axles, suspensions and brakes - ), MUSTHANE (refuelling systems, lifting bags, recovery trackway - ), NAKSYS (airfield lighting photometry calibration equipment - ), PROAVIA (showcase for French expertise in the airport industry - ), SAINT-GOBAIN SOVIS (prisms and molded optical components for airport lighting - ), SOVAL EXPORT (cast iron man holes for water distribution systems, cleaning and lighting for runways – ), SOVAM (ground support equipment: boarding bridges, baggage tractors, etc. - ), STERELA (electronic systems for air and road transport – ), TITAN AVIATION (solutions for every step of the refuelling process - ), TUBESCA-COMABI (docks and access solutions for aircraft maintenance – ), XOPS - RESONATE MP4 (multimedia systems and intelligent transport solutions – ). For more information: BUSINESS FRANCE Isabelle Duval, Project Manager Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 73 33 31 Email:   Website:

AQYLON is innovating in renewable energies and energy efficiency

Yousra LAHBABI - 27-août-2015 09:21:12
United Arab Emirates;  2015 – AQYLON designs, manufactures and installs Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) solutions for the industrial generation of green electricity. ORC technology makes it possible to generate clean, renewable energy deployable from low to high power ratings with a minimal environmental impact and at a competitive cost. Drawing on its unique expertise, AQYLON offers its industrial customers specialist advice on energy efficiency to help them lower their energy bills. This technology can be applied in a variety of fields such as in industries (cement, glass, metallurgy, incinerators, etc.), power production (diesel or HFO engines), as well as in environment and renewable energies such as geothermal, solar thermal, biogas and biomass. AQYLON offers a standard range of 500 kWe, 1,000 kWe and 2,000 kWe ORC modules for three main applications: -           Engines flue gas heat recovery (gas, biogas, diesel and heavy fuel) -           Industrial waste heat recovery (Heat to Power, Waste to Power) -           Biomass power plants with or without cogeneration The company also offers custom turbomachinery – ORC modules, and steam turbines – that: -           can be adapted to any source of heat > 90°C to recover industrial waste heat, engines jacket water, geothermal energy, thermal solar energy, etc.; -           offers higher than average outputs.   The proprietary innovations and software developed by Aqylon can boost performance by up to 25% at a cost of up to 30% lower, and can be adapted for any application. The solutions are flexible and can be optimized for each customer’s specific requirements. What is unique about AQYLON – other than its innovative technology – is its sales approach. Two business concepts are offered : -           Direct sales, including product installation and maintenance -           A fully financed solution using an ESCO-type model, with zero investment from the customer, against the sale to the customer of the electricity generated, at a price 5 to 30% lower than the customer’s usual electricity cost (PPA) AQYLON is developing in high-growth markets, both in France and abroad. The company plans to participate in a number of international exhibitions in 2015 to raise awareness of its technology and expand its customer portfolio: PowerGen Asia from 1 to 3 September in Bangkok (booth H30), ASME ORC from 12 to 14 October in Brussels, and CREF from 19 to 21 October in the Dominican Republic. About AQYLON:   Established in 2009 17 employees, 15 of whom are engineers Works in partnership with numerous laboratories: ENSAM Paris, LFMA Lyon, CNRS–PROMES Perpignan, ENSAM Meknès in Morocco, etc. Customer references: EdF, Total and Veolia    

Add some French volcanic stone to your decor with Tradition Pierre at the Hotel Show 2015

Yousra Lahbabi - 23-août-2015 09:47:24
United Arab Emirates; August 2015 –   At the upcoming Hotel Show from 28 to 30 September 2015 in Dubai, family business Tradition Pierre will show off its products drawing on its expertise in cutting and working rare volcanic stone from the Auvergne region. The company’s pieces are equally at home as part of indoor or outdoor luxury decor. For over 30 years, Tradition Pierre has been hand-crafting Volvic stone using 100% French traditional methods. The volcanic origins of the mineral, extracted from the Auvergne region of central France, make it highly resistant to extremes of temperature, water and atmospheric damage. Recognized in France, Tradition Pierre is now securing its position in major international markets. The firm, which already has a presence in Switzerland and India, is exhibiting its products and expertise for the first time at The Hotel Show. The exhibition’s regional scope has motivated the company to address this booming market and the region’s many architects, landscapers and designers. The increasing number of luxury hotels in Dubai represents a real source of growth potential for the firm. In the outdoor segment, the firm’s master craftsmen create highly expressive statues and faces carved in stone, vases, benches, pavilions, colonnades and fountains that enhance parks and gardens. They also make swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens using enameled lava. This high-quality material comes in a wide range of luxury finishes and colors. In indoor decor, Tradition Pierre predominantly uses decorative wrought iron combined with enameled lava or Volvic stone. Its unique creations incorporate a wide variety of materials such as zinc, iron, copper and other metals. Some are gold-plated or encrusted with precious stones – for example, a pair of fish or a shell face. Its decorative items, made using natural minerals, can be fully adapted to suit the customer’s requirements. Its high-end custom projects are monitored from design through to completion by a team of international architects and designers. Jean-Charles Matrone, C.E.O of Tradition Pierre, comments: “ I’m very much looking forward to attending the show along with my team. We want to let our imagination and expertise blossom in the Gulf region and take advantage of this three-day show to give birth to new projects. Matrone added: “I’m in the habit of saying that the art of success consists of surrounding oneself with the best to strive for excellence and create something extraordinary .”   Come and visit TRADITION PIERRE f rom 28 to 30 September 2015 at HOTELSHOW 2015 – Dubai World Trade Center, Hall 3 Booth S3D122   About Tradition Pierre: Tradition Pierre was created in 1982 in Auvergne (Central France). We are a family business with a strong know-how passed on from generation to generation. Tradition Pierre, this is upmarket and innovative creations, based on a 100% French handmade work which adapts to every demands. Our artistic creations embrace mineral volcanic stone, enamelled lava and ironwork. The fruit of this alliance is excellence.   Contact: MATRONE – TRADITION PIERRE Jean-Charles MATRONE – C.E.O Tel : +33 4 73 83 65 83 1, rue Saint Vincent – 63370 LEMPDES FRANCE

The French family company Simar Design Stands Out Internationally by Showing Extraordinary Innovative Lights for Hotels and Hospitals

Yousra Lahbabi - 19-août-2015 14:10:19
United Arab Emirates; August 2015 – Simar Design the French Family company, manufactures impressive lights. The company based near Aix-en-Provence – a town know for its beauty- , is looking to distribute its products in the Middle East. Simar Design is continuously drawn by this challenge : imitate days light, and more generally, simulate nature inside. The purpose is to make you look at the sky when you look at the ceiling. In addition to it, Simar Design are focused on quality, with 5 years guarantee. That idea of bringing skies inside has been made by the simple statement that it is necessary for humans to have a light which is the closest to nature. Many studies have shown the influence of nature on relaxation. It has been also proved that productivity can be increased through wellness. It is similar in the medical field : the healing process goes faster when patients are exposed to nature. In hotels, these lights will really create wonders and admiration and will bring a positive image of you building. Simar Design has a large quantity of images available achieved by talented photographers, once an image is installed on a product, it can be easily exchanged. The size of our products can be varied in different dimensions, but they always have to be multiples of 60 cm (120x120 cm, 60x60 cm, 120x60 cm, ect...). Our light panels only work with LED technology, which imitates days light with a white light of 6500 K. Our panels are suitable to suspended ceilings. The expected lifetime of our panels is from 50 000 hours up to 100 000 hours, which means 20 to 40 years of use, with a daily use of 7 hours. We can create images on demand, with for example themes for kids, or any other theme that you like.  Simar-Design is new in the Middle East, we are looking for dealers. Weve been participating in European fairs such as Medica. Our products will be adapted to the Middle East as they dont retain the dust.  Mr Andrew SIMAR, CEO of Simar Design said: “We started Simar-Design just 2 years ago. Lots of people have shown a great interest in our products and we are absolutely satisfied about it.” He added: “Most of the time, clients really appreciate our reactivity. We are really trying to fit clients wishes as we can. We are very proud to bring high quality panels, in opposition of many Chinese manufactured panels that you can find on the market. Buying here is really safe.” Finally he says: “ We really think that the future of buildings and is to get closer to nature, so we are “: Convinced that "sky lights" will play an important role in the lighting industry. In addition to it, we are progressively switching of technology from fluorescent / halogen / incandescent lights to LED lights. We hope to make each building more lively and beautiful, and to bring smile and admiration to each and every of your visitors.”   Contact :  Andrew Simar 0033 643 425 402

An eclectic and high-end range of companies representing France at the hotel show Dubai

Yousra Lahbabi - 11-août-2015 08:48:05
United Arab Emirates; August 2015 – 13 French manufacturers will participate in the French section organized by Business France, a government agency supporting the international development of the French economy . The eclectic variety and quality expertise of the French companies should please the major public and private project decision-makers as well as purchasing managers of the leading hotel chains attending the regions largest exhibition to discover the latest trends in the hotel sector. A key event for conducting business in the Middle East and North Africa, this annual event continues to attract new companies with over half participating for the first time. Selected to host the next World Expo in 2020, Dubai is set to begin numerous new hotel projects to double its hotel capacity before this event. The healthy performance of the regions decorating sector is currently due to the completion of numerous hotel and residential projects. The Gulf market is estimated at $22 billion, with the United Arab Emirates accounting for two-thirds of the total value of all projects. Against this dynamic and promising backdrop, the French proposition stands apart through its diversity and the quality its product range. Thirteen companies will present equipment and solutions adapted to the demand. Carpet tiles and fitted carpets are essential for the plush atmosphere of hotel rooms. A collection of hand-made paintings featuring geometric shapes and traditional Islamic calligraphy add a personal touch to rooms. The stonework from the Auvergne volcanoes helps add to the luxurious interior and exterior decoration . Custom-made tables showcase the most stunning items of porcelain designers. Tableware, which goes hand-in-hand with French gastronomy, is coupled with luxury household linens . Last but not least lighting adds the finishing touches. Whether integrated behind metallic textiles or into back-lit wall panels, the interior or balcony lighting fixtures are equally suited to traditional furniture or to more contemporary designs . Finally, stylish and colorful outdoor furniture surround the pool-side showers . All-inclusive service providers will also be present representing a range of services including intelligent energy solutions that capture heat lost in power generation and transform the heat into energy used to simultaneously produce hot water, air conditioning and fresh water; or modular ergonomic solutions for IT management in the hotel industry. Follow the smell of freshly-brewed coffee from espresso machines designed for catering and professional use to reach the French section.   All exhibitors will be located in three areas on the Blue Line at the entrance of hall 3 in the International Village of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The French Nautical Industries Federation

Yousra LAHBABI - 27-juil.-2015 14:51:54
The French Nautical Industries Federation (FIN) aims at defending, representing and promoting the different sectors of the French nautical industries both at home and abroad. The FIN currently has more than 600 members, representing more than 80% of the industry’s turnover.   In contact with the authorities at the regional, national, and European level, the French Nautical Industries Federation assists and advises companies in a number of domains: legal, social, economic and technical, and plays a role in providing information to the public and media.   At the international level, the FIN is a founder of the European Boating Industry. Founded in June 2009 and based in Brussels (Belgium), European Boating Industry represents the interests of the European leisure marine industry and its members.   The Federation owns the Paris International Boat show, Cannes International Boat and Yacht Show, and Maritima, the trade show dedicated to the maritime and coastal economies. The FIN also runs coordinated actions, in partnership with Ubifrance, to facilitate the presence of its members in major or rapidly growing international boat shows. In addition, the FIN supports the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle and is also behind events such as the National get afloat weekend (Fête du Nautisme), contributing to the development and practice of water-based recreational activities. At environmental level, the FIN initiates several actions which objective is to insert environmental preoccupation throughout the boat life cycle, in particular through its Bateau bleu Program. At the start of 2009, the French Nautical industries Federation created the Association for eco responsible pleasure boating (APER) which mission is to organise and run the setting up of the French network for dismantling and recycling pleasure craft that have reached the end of their useful lives. HEAD OFFICE FEDERATION DES INDUSTRIES NAUTIQUES FRENCH NAUTICAL INDUSTRIES FEDERATION Port de Javel Haut • 75015 PARIS • France Tel. +33 (0)1 44 37 04 00 • Fax. +33 (0)1 45 77 21 88   source : Clic here for more information about French companies 

Medical devices : « Medium companies are today’s France real champions »

Yousra LAHBABI - 27-juil.-2015 14:07:23
The field of technical innovation for medical devices in France is made of hundreds of startup, small and medium companies. But not big ones yet.   « Medium companies are today’s France real champions (like Vygon ), and we also have very innovative small companies (like Eos Imaging or Mauna Kea Technologies )», tells Florent Surugue, SMEs and economic development manager at Snitem in this interview with Business France Radio.   Founded in 1987, Snitem is the first professional organisation representing the French medical devices and technological innovation market, carrying between 85 and 100% of the market in terms of turnover, bringing all together more than 375 companies, defending their interests on the market and helping them develop abroad.   « This market is mostly made of small and medium companies (89% of companies are under 250 people within the members of Snitem) », as Florent Surugue recalls in this interview. And his dream is to see these startups grow into small then medium than large businesses.   How could they do that? French companies’ main assets are their capacity «to develop very innovative products » and Florent Surugue is convinced that they « have the ability to show that they can create a strong value » to the French and global market. But according to him, the French market is very hard to enter right now due to strong barriers in terms of market access and these startups should start looking for a development abroad very soon in their development process.   Further information : SNITEM French companies on You Buy France, sector of Health and medical device  
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