20 Leading Tech Companies to dominate the French Pavilion at GITEX 2017

Rejula ARUN - 14-sept.-2017 10:59:38
United Arab Emirates , September 14 2017- Business France will be hosting 20 leading French technology companies at the 37th edition of GITEX Technology week which will be held from October 8 to 12, 2017, in Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC). The innovative and pioneering companies will be introducing their expertise in areas including 5G networks, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence at the French Tech pavilion in Hall 4 (Stands C436 to D410). Within the Internet of Things sector, breakthrough French technologies will be presenting the latest accessories in the field such as the Wistiki Bluetooth tracker, live video solutions from a smartphone developed by Plussh, a personal multi-user cloud that can save data in a private partitioned space via Helixee by Novathings, and Kerlink’s machine-to-machine communication solutions. Amongst the group of companies exhibiting, 10 French start-ups will also be making the trip to present advanced novelties and to meet the decision makers and investors attending the show. “We see GITEX to be the region’s strongest platform to share knowledge and to showcase the best in French technologies and are offering the exhibitors a tailored program to support their development in the Gulf. By taking part in GITEX, strong ties will be developed with local leaders while also introducing French innovation throughout the world of technology”, said Fayssal Majid, head of the French Tech pavilion at Business France. According to the France’s professional trade-union Syntec Numérique, the French digital sector is forecast to increase by 3% in 2017, after growing by 2.9% in 2016, as a result of the digital transformation of the economy. Market growth for software exceeded expectations last year (+3.4%) and is expected to grow even faster in 2018 (+4.2%), which represents 1,800 companies in the digital sector. The SaaS model (use of remote cloud-based software) in particular is expected to account for €2.1 billion in 2017, i.e. 18% of the market. The catalogue of French exhibitor companies is available upon request. - END - For more info, feel free to contact Business France: Miryem Oukas Messidi Head of Communications – Middle East Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 Mail : ABOUT BUSINESS FRANCE: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Social Media: Account Most common used hashtags Twitter : @BF_MiddleEast  #InfoBF #FrenchPavilion #FrenchTech #CreativeFrance    

ARTS Energy new Ni-MH battery to be introduced on the French pavilion at Gitex Technology Week Hall 4 (Booth C4-37)

Rejula ARUN - 13-sept.-2017 12:19:58
• International launch of a disruptive technology for Telecom & Back Up applications • Specific range of 10 years life battery for the Middle East market United Arab Emirates, September 13 2017 -  ARTS Energy will participate for the first time at GITEX, in view of the worldwide introduction of its innovative Ni-MH global solution for Telecom & Back up. ARTS Energy has become an expert of the middle east region for solar applications and is back to present new products and battery solutions for Telecom & Back Up, and particularly robust and long life Ni-MH in hot climates. This new product is clearly a technological breakthrough and is the fruit of a two years R&D program including three partners: ARTS Energy has developed a new Ni-MH battery called ENDURANCE with high robustness and long life duration at high temperature. Alpha Innovations has developed a new rectifier to manage the Ni-MH battery, and with dedicated components compatible with extreme temperatures. Grolleau has developed a new outdoor energy enclosure dedicated to hot climates Their new Telecom & Back Up cabinet, dedicated to hot environments and climates, is the first offering the following benefits: - No need for air conditioning - energy saving - Excellent behavior up to 70°C - Compact product - Long life duration - 5 to 10 years in the middle-East - Attractive TCO - Total Cost of ownership - Considering Telecom and Back Up applications, energy cabinets are generally equipped with lead-acid batteries offering acceptable life duration (around 5 years) in moderate climates (Europe, USA, Asia). But in hot climates (Africa, middle-East, South America), those lead-acid batteries delivers poor life duration (sometimes less than one year) even if the energy cabinet is equipped with air conditioning. Consequently, in such areas, the cost for the battery maintenance (replacing the battery) becomes much higher compared to the cost of the initial battery delivered with the Telecom & Back Up cabinet. Additionally, waiting for the lead-acid battery to be replaced with a fresh one, the cost of “non-operational” network is high, mainly in the field of Telecom. Many Telecom operators have measured the extra-cost generated by poor life duration of lead-acid batteries in hot climates, and are looking for alternative battery technologies since a few years. But as the energy cabinets are equipped with a lead-acid rectifier, it is not possible to remove the lead-acid battery and replace it with a Ni-MH or Li-ion battery. Charge management of the battery is different. ARTS Energy will be happy to meet local partners and present new innovative solutions during GITEX 2017, located at Hall 4, Booth C4-37 For more info, feel free to contact: Francesco Costanzo Sales Manager Mobile : +33 6 11 03 73 81 Mail : Miryem Oukas Messidi Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 Mail :  

SquareWay, a subsidiary of Vivaction, is taking part in Gitex Technology Week In Dubai World Trade Center from October 8 to 12

Rejula ARUN - 12-sept.-2017 12:51:04
United Arab Emirates , September 12th 2017- SquareWay, a subsidiary of Vivaction dedicated to cybersecurity, will take part in Gitex Technology Week to present its security solutions for protecting mobile voice and data flows for professionals. SquareWay develops and commercializes secured mobile communication solutions for companies. Compatible with iOS and Android, easy to install and use, the SquareWay solutions combine confidential and instant services for the user. They meet the needs of employees in a mobility situation, of communications between headquarters and subsidiaries and/or for any other entity, public or private, concerned to ensure the confidentiality of its communications.  With SquareWay, phone calls, mobile data flows, instant messaging, e-mails exchanges, smartphones and tablets applications connections are encoded to ensure total security. SquareWay does not require a new terminal: compatible with iOS and Android systems, which represent 80% of the terminals on the market, SquareWay is deployed in a few secured and automated steps. Another advantage is that SquareWay allows any correspondent to communicate in total confidentiality and security, from mobile to mobile, for conference calls with an instant invitation to join SquareWay in real time. SquareWay offers maximum protection to the user, based on a pre-verification of the integrity of the terminal, an embedded mobile Virtual Private Network and an encryption system with 3 security keys periodically rotated. Available on the AppStore and GooglePlay, SquareWay is deployed to large groups and professional associations. Contact: Karolyn Favreau, Managing Director  

Wassa, the digital agency and its Innovation Lab in Dubai for the GITEX show (October, 8th to 12th)

Rejula ARUN - 11-sept.-2017 12:28:04
Optimize customer experience in shops and shopping malls Come to discover Wassa’s new product, Dencity, during the GITEX 2017. Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dencity is a traffic analysis solution for shopping malls and retailers. It is structured around 3 modules: • a characterization module to detect demographic criteria (age/gender) and to count people • a behavior module to provide information about people flow (footprint, heat maps, etc) • an analysis module to visualize the data on a reporting platform The goal is to recover a new type of data linked to people behavior inside shopping areas. Retailers will be able to connect these data to their sales information, using Big Data algorithms, to improve their customer knowledge and enhance the visitor experience. Dencity uses images extracted from video streams to analyze every visitor without any technological limit. If we compare to Wi-fi or Bluetooth for example, it necessitates people to turn on or to download some tools. Every person visible on a video can be analyzed by Dencity, and the data about this shopper is directly available for retailers via the analytic platform. We chose to focus our work on the customer experience in shops and malls. We want to provide a better understanding of the customers behavior and new ways to interact with them. - FRÉDÉRIC SOMMERLAT, CEO WASSA ABOUT WASSA Wassa is a company specialized in digital solutions with great added value. Within its offices in Paris and Hong Kong, Wassa regroups all the creative, technical and functional talents to elaborate digital solutions that fit your needs. Expert in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Wassa Innovation Lab analyzes images extracted from cameras (smartphone, webcam…) and collects information and data to provide customized services on every platform. Our references are worldwide. For more information / +  

Plussh helps companies accelerate their digital transition with new tailored applications for smartphone-based live video

Rejula ARUN - 10-sept.-2017 14:00:36
United Arab Emirates, September 10 2017: Plussh is the market leader in France, boasting key account customers such as Altrad, Crédit Agricole, Carrefour and Orange. This French start-up specializes in the capture of live video using a smartphone and develops tailored HD live video applications for businesses. At GITEX 2017, Plussh will be presenting its latest solutions for banks, insurers, major groups and telecoms. Plussh will be launching new solutions for banks, insurers, major groups and telecoms at GITEX 2017 in Dubai. From internal communication and sales coordination, to assisted maintenance and broadcasting. Whatever your needs, Plussh has the right secure and private solution to reduce distances, improve the circulation of information, enhance team involvement, bring staff closer together and facilitate the digital transformation of companies. "Our easy to set up solutions don’t just meet the needs of our customers, they adapt to them. Our start point is a customer requirement, a use case that we conceive and discuss together to create the product," explains Dimitri Moulins, CEO & co-founder of Plussh. "We do more than simply offer a disruptive technology. We support our customers through their digital transition, with training and advice. We are there to help them and we move forward together. " Up until now, live video within companies was restricted to specific events, because the cost was high and the complexity of its implementation required it to be planned out far in advance of the event to be covered. Alternatively, businesses used solutions aimed at the general public, such as Facebook live or Periscope, which are far from ideal in terms of security, privacy, quality, server performance and intellectual property. With Plussh, companies have their own live video application, which is branded and secure and enables them to produce live video at any time, to communicate quickly, directly, effectively and interactively if needed, with the certainty that the message will be seen and heard, allowing them to show their audience what goes on within the firm, or to carry out assisted training, assisted maintenance, crisis management and content broadcasting. Spotlight on three use cases If you are a major group, Plussh can offer you your very own live video application for internal communication, allowing you to speak to the employees you wish to reach, be they senior executives, managers or the workforce as a whole, according to their language or place of work. With a single click, they can be notified and watch the live video on their smartphone. If you are a bank with several branches and you wish to present a new product that will be sold to your customers, a simple tap on your smartphone screen takes you to a live web page with an interactive chat tool. Your branch staff can ask questions and make the most of this dynamic solution. Of course, your employees can also watch live video on their smartphone. "For our internal communication, we have for many years been seeking solutions that are more fun and more exciting. We want our communication methods to be up to date. In Plussh we have found a secure tool that performs incredibly well and allows us to keep our data private," says Laurent Brieu, Head of the Business Expertise and International Department at Crédit Agricole. Our thousands of employees were quick to embrace the system. You know how mindful banks are about data security. To ensure the security and privacy of data, Plussh is truly the solution we were searching for". If you are a telephone company looking to give your customers access to a private live video solution, Plussh will develop one for you that offers three key advantages: your customers have a live video streaming tool that carries your colors, you are providing them with a new service that is truly at the cutting edge, they use data (4G) by broadcasting high-quality live video, but also by using cloud storage when they save their videos after the live broadcast. New solutions announced at GITEX During GITEX 2017, Plussh will be presenting solutions that cater closely to the needs of banks, insurers, key accounts and telephone companies. At the La French Tech / Business France stand, you will be able to discover Plussh Pro, Plussh Silver, Plussh Gold, Plussh Platinum and Plussh Telco, begin an analysis of your smartphone-based live video needs, look at various use cases and jointly develop a product that will help accelerate your digital transformation. About Plussh: Plussh is a French start-up founded in Montpellier, France. In its first two years, Plussh raised the initial funds it required to accelerate its commercial development, notably in the Middle East. Having won the 2016 @MWC Business France Award for the most promising start-up of the year, Plussh also received first prize in the French IoT La Poste contest at CES Las Vegas and the Start-up of the Year prize at the Online Video Trophies. Plussh is well accustomed to working with key accounts and is a member of the French Alliance for Open Innovation. It now counts six CAC 40 groups among its customers and leads the smartphone-based live video streaming market in France. Press Contacts: Laurent Damiron, VP & co-founder +33 (0) 6 26 14 70 52  

2CRSI to participate at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai World Trade Centre from October 8 to 12

Rejula ARUN - 07-sept.-2017 13:49:00
United Arab Emirates , September 7th 2017 - For its 2nd participation at GITEX Technology Week, the French start up 2CRSI will present an innovative storage solution for CCTV applications. 2CRSI designs and manufactures innovative compute and storage solutions. The company has the ability to develop agnostic and scalable solutions, from big and fast storage systems for datacenters to powerful computer servers for HPC applications. Innovative storage solution for CCTV applications To record streamed videos from thousands of cameras you need fast and high storage capacity. One of the major key factors of success of a video surveillance solution is the ability to combine good software, optimizing the way the data are stored, and the appropriate hardware to make it work efficiently. With a Software Defined Storage solution like the one developed by 2CRSI‘s partner OpenIO, you enhance the data storage in a way that you need less storage to store the same amount of data! The storage related tasks are not handled anymore by specific hardware such as a raid adapter(s), but are now managed by software. The SDS solution gives you flexibility and simplifies your storage. This just fits to the CCTV needs of a fast, scalable and reliable storage. To get the full benefits of this SDS solution, 2CRSI has developed a specific hardware system which has the right compute power and a highly scalable storage. The hardware solution is made of a server and several JBOD (Just a Bench of Drive). The server with an Intel Purley CPU and the Intel Optane SSD allows getting a very fast processing unit. This unit will send the data to the JBODs, which contain up to 60 HDD each, for a total of 720To per JBOD. As the software manages the data, you can make your storage evolve with your needs without constraints, it’s highly scalable! That exclusive solution will be shown at the GITEX 2017 in Dubai at the 2CRSI booth. 2CRSI and its partners 2CRSI is certified by the global manufacturer Intel "Technology Provider Platinum - HPC Datacenter Specialist" and is also a key partner to HGST for HDD and SSD storages. Through its strong partnerships, 2CRSI is recognized as a reliable value for storage solutions, with clients like OVH, Free or famous French institutions like ICM. Thanks to an R&D office made up of 10 engineers specializing in electronics, 3D drawing and thermodynamics, 2CRSI implements the resources necessary to keep innovation at the heart of its activity. For more information: Contact: Ludovic SCHELL Marketing & Communication - 2CRSI E-Mail :

Helixee, the alternative to the cloud, presented at GITEX Dubai World Trade Center 8-12 October 2017

Rejula ARUN - 07-sept.-2017 13:44:26
United Arab Emirates, September 7th 2017 - Novathings will be at GITEX to present an intelligent connected object that centralizes personal data, saves them automatically to its integrated hard disk and allows you to share them simply by creating your own secure social network. The company will be exhibiting at GITEX in Dubai from 8 to 12 October 2017 on the French pavilion. With helixee, you retain control over your privacy. Its automatic backup feature means that you no longer run the risk of losing your data and you can safely share them with your loved ones. Photos, videos, documents, contacts ... digital life is taking up more and more space. Whether on our computers, smartphones and tablets, moments of life are stored, poorly protected and all too often inadequately backed up. In this way whole sections of our lives sometimes simply disappear. Very easy to use, helixee is the solution for everyone. Up until now, to save their data, consumers had the choice between public cloud solutions – with the risk of their data being stolen and exploited - or various backups on hard drives that at times are complicated and time-consuming. Manual operations that are sometimes performed incorrectly, thus permanently erasing key information. With helixee, you no longer need to worry about the date of your last backup. This small network-connected hard drive has been specially designed to guarantee maximum security by automatically backing up any newly recorded data. Intuitive and intended for multiple users, helixee recognizes all mobile devices pre-registered during the first connection - tablets, smartphones, computers (Mac or PC), every device in the family can be listed on a single helixee. Each member of the family has their own password-protected account to protect each individual’s privacy. Totally Plug & Play, it is installed in three stages and works over Wi-Fi. It can also be connected to the home network via a simple Ethernet cable. A personal social network that can be customized based on your needs. Say goodbye to complicated photo and video sharing via SMS, email, MMS ... helixee includes its own secure family social network. "Family, friends, colleagues, you share what you want, with whom you want. Your data remain encrypted to protect your privacy. To access this social network, simply download the application or connect via a web interface. Even those around you who do not have a helixee at home can access any data you want to share with them" says Virginie Guionet, Chief Marketing Officer at Novathings. Further information available from: Press Contact: Virginie Guionet | Chief Marketing Officer, novathings +33 (0) |
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