HOLTEX: The Commercial and Logistics Solution for the Medical Resellers

Yousra LAHBABI - 29-nov.-2015 15:17:23
United Arab Emirates; November 2015 – Holtex is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of medical equipment in France and overseas, since more than 25 years. Holtex covers more than 15 ranges of medical products from medical furniture, diagnostic, medical wear, medical bags, consumables … The ranges of products are divided in 2 parts, Holtex (surgical instruments, medical furniture, diosgnostic,…) and distribution (Omron, Riester, Doro, Boso, Kern, …) In France, Holtex sell its products through the medical professional channel only, medical shops, internet medical websites and mail order selling companies. Holtex is located in Aix en Provence in the south of France and benefits from a warehouse of 2,500 m2. The company permanently stocks over 6,500 products (3,500 of which are for surgical instruments where Holtex is one of the leading company in France).  This level of stock guarantees quick deliveries between 24/72 hours upon receipt of the order. This high level of service is an answer to their customer’s expectations. Moreover, their suppliers/partners benefit from their efficient commercial and sale organization with their reactive and efficient sales force to promote and sell the products to their customers, ensuring their commercial development. HOLTEX has also 25 years of experience in exporting medical equipment and works with 150 distributors in Europe, South America, Asia and especially in Africa. The company has built strong partnerships with leading specialized forwarding agents such as SDV, Centrimex, Damco, Necotrans, etc. to ensure the lowest costs and transport times. Holtex export sales team is able to answer quotations within 24h as well as being able to offer real expertise in terms of customs formalities and logistics. HOLTEX is ISO certified, EN13485, in accordance with the 93/42EEC directive. Jonathan Dulin, Export Manager: "The 2016 edition will be my third visit to Arab Health. Ill never forget my first visit. The fair really embodied the future of the medical industry. A real digest of what is best in the sector - Europe showcasing state-of-the-art technology and local stakeholders impressed with their innovations. During each edition, we have the opportunity to meet our regular clients from Africa and new local stakeholders wishing to benefit from our business expertise in the region. Our attendance at such an event represents a real opportunity to showcase our organization, our business model and our expertise among these major medical players."

olSteo’s industrial ethylene oxide (EO) sterilizers come with a 10-year guarantee at the Arab Health 2016

Yousra LAHBABI - 29-nov.-2015 15:11:44
United Arab Emirates; November 2015 – SolSteo guarantees its sterilization chambers for 10 years. This guarantee is given in full confidence because their design has been independently validated by the TÜV. SolSteo will be exhibiting at Arab Health Dubai from 25-28 January 2016. Manufacturing EO industrial sterilizers is complex: it requires in-depth-understanding of the sterilization process and safety standards governing their use (European ATEX Directives, FDA 21, CFR Part 11, ISO 11135, etc.). This explains why only a handful of manufacturers prove reliable. Determined to succeed on the international scene, SOLSTEO is the only French manufacturing exporting the product (95% of its sales revenue).   Over the years, repeated constraints due to vacuum and pressure cycles in the sterilization chambers cause significant material fatigue and risk of leakage. In order to guarantee optimal manufacturing quality, Solsteo conducted specific studies on fatigue with the TÜV. Purchasing an EO sterilizer is a long-term industrial investment that needs to last. The automation system is also reliable thanks to the programs developed by CristalDoc, the European leader in control and monitoring software for EO sterilizers. Not only are SolSteo and CristalDoc activities complementary, but they are also managed by the same persons and have the same shareholders. The result is a robust, well organized and reactive organization capable to centralize knowledge on the EO sterilization processes and to manage a team of experts, ensuring competitiveness and quick execution time, ongoing quality control. Two major breakthroughs in automation have come of this: EQ-Sim: A simulation tool to test programs prior to installation, by reproducing the physical parameters of the sterilizer in real operation. Consequently, programs are 95% validated “off-site”, from SolSteos Paris based offices. “On-site” installation and validation then take a few days only. Embedded memory: A buffer memory, located directly into the Programmable Logic Controller to offset the communication failures intrinsic to IT systems. This software feature makes it possible to fully guarantee the recording and the printing of all cycle data in the final report. SolSteo can provide EO sterilizers on a stand-alone basis, or as complete turnkey projects, including pre-conditioning and aeration rooms, automatic loading/unloading solutions and gas treatment systems (scrubbers and catalytic burners). It also offers remote technical assistance services, spare parts, maintenance/calibration services, consulting and ATEX training (INERIS-certified ISM-ATEX).   SolSteo serves customers across the world, with strong business in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The company specializes in integrating EO sterilizers into manufacturing processes ("in-house" sterilization). It has several projects underway for new plants or for revamping of existing sterilizers in the region. Present every year at Arab Health, it takes the opportunity to know-how and expertise in EO sterilization processes, unveil its latest innovations and share industrial best practices with local players. 

ReduStim, a hands-free medical device for abdominal fat reduction to be discovered at the Arab Health 2016 – from January 25th to 28th 2016 -

Yousra LAHBABI - 29-nov.-2015 14:59:26
United Arab Emirates - Cosmosoft® will be presenting ReduStim, a class IIa medical device for abdominal fat reduction at the next Arab Health – MEDLAB exhibition, from January 25 to 28, 2016. Its innovative approach aims to eliminate fat through biomagnetic field activation. The French company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing slimming equipment and professional medical devices for over 15 years. This device is based on a technique using cellular activation through bio magnetic fields which naturally stimulates the reduction of fat cell accumulation. The stored fat is then eliminated though the bodys natural fat-burning process. The fully hands-free treatment is clinically recognized and provides visible lasting results after twelve 30-minute sessions , with no side effects, no effects on metabolism, and while respecting the bodys natural biological process. It is noninvasive , non-aggressive and totally painless . The new third-generation ReduStim , covered by new industrial protection, is equipped with antennas that emit a harmless biomagnetic field, directed locally at the abdominal area, arms, thighs and calves. The application of this biomagnetic field and its double active circuit helps activate the calcium channels of muscle cell membranes. The main objective is to reduce waist size , a major factor for detecting metabolic syndrome and a true indicator of an individuals health.   Cosmosoft® has developed two medical devices in order to offer customized and adapted protocols to each practitioner tailored to all diseases associated with being in overweight or obese: ReduStim , premium treatment involving biomagnetic field (lipolytic action) and micropressure (draining function) and ReduStim SP, combining the innovative biomagnetic field action with cardio activity, deep tissue massage or any other action to eliminate the released waste and toxins. This version is aimed to the general public to use at home either while static, sitting and lying in bed, or while moving, during cardio exercise like using an exercise bike or treadmill. ReduStim eliminates subcutaneous fat as well as bad fat (abdominal or visceral) responsible for certain types of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, cancers and some cases of male and female infertility, especially in obese patients. According to the WHO, 30% of people around the world are now either in overweight or obese. A double-blind clinical trial demonstrated an average loss of more than 6 cm after twelve 30-minute sessions. Following its success in France, Cosmosoft® is setting up an office in Dubai at the end of 2015 in order to meet the needs of the local distributors after having been very well received by patients in this region. As of this fall ReduStim will therefore have a local presence and be able to quickly answer doctors questions.   Visit ReduStim in the French section at Arab Health Dubai from January 25 to 28

BIOLABO to launch new full automated coagulometer, SOLEA 100 at Arab Health 2016

Yousra LAHBABI - 29-nov.-2015 14:54:03
United Arab Emirates - November 2015 ; At the next Arab Health – MEDLAB exhibition from January 25 to 28, 2016, French firm BIOLABO will be introducing SOLEA 100, an analyzer for haemostasis capable of performing over 100 tests per hour. Featuring an exclusive 8-channel cuvette system, it is fast, reliable and cost-effective. SOLEA 100 performs over 100 tests per hour in routine mode (PT + APTT + TT + FIB), thanks to optimal use of the cuvette racks. The very low dead volume (0.2 ml) saves considerably on reagent. Racks with unused cuvettes are returned for later use. The analyzer is made to the most exacting standards to ensure optimal reliability ; all of the critical components are made in Europe, which means that it is particularly robust . BIOLABO is a French firm that manufactures reagents and analyzers for medical biology, including almost 20 million coagulation tests per year. It has been in business for 36 years and offers three ranges of reagents: biochemistry (cholesterol, triglycerides, enzymes, etc.); coagulation (INR, partial thromboplastin time, fibrinogen, etc.); and specific proteins (HbA1c, CRP, etc.). It is therefore involved in the diagnosis of major pandemic diseases: cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hepatitis, obesity, blood functions, etc. The majority of BIOLABOs reagents have very long expiration dates — usually three years after manufacture — which gives distributors and users a comfortable competitive edge. Thanks to a sustained program of investments, the firm has 1 200 m² of laboratory space, 840 m 3 of temperature-controlled storage space, and 2 000 m 3 of ambient temperature storage space; it also uses a next-generation freeze dryer, which is able to handle up to 20 000 bottles of reagent. The export market accounts for more than 95% of BIOLABOs production. One third goes to the Middle East, where it has a highly organized distribution network: there is an exclusive BIOLABO distributor in each country, employing engineers and technicians trained in France. Every year, BIOLABO takes part in twenty or so biology trade shows and congresses in the Near and Middle East. The Arabian Peninsula offers the greatest potential, as patients there are highly informed about medical technology. They are very demanding when it comes to the quality of medical testing, since around 70% of healthcare decisions are taken on the basis of diagnoses established through such tests. This requirement for quality produces a virtuous circle. It increases the vigilance of the public authorities and the professionalism of distributors, and drives continuous improvement among healthcare professionals. Every year since 2004, BIOLABO has exhibited its products at the French Pavilion in the MEDLAB section. The size of its stand and the large number of visitors it receives reflects the strength of its reputation there. Moreover, visitors are advised to make an appointment beforehand to allow enough time to talk. The CEO himself attends the exhibition every year to meet with other top business leaders in the region. " Arab Health is one of the three trade shows that we attend every year, without fail.  I was there in the early days of Arab Health, and I can testify to the progress it has made.  It is now the worlds leading healthcare exhibition and congress. Thanks to its location in Dubai, it is an excellent place to meet highly competent partners from all over the world. In Dubai, people still have time for constructive discussion, which is great!" BIOLABOs stand is open to the thousands of people who use and trust in its products. Decision-makers, laboratory managers and technicians come along to ask their questions, and are given a warm welcome and personal attention by BIOLABOs engineers. BIOLABO provides serums free of charge for assessing the quality of medical tests as part of a vast program involving numerous hospitals and large NGOs (Médecins Sans Frontières, the UNRWA for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, etc.). This year, BIOLABO will be exhibiting all of its reagents and analyzers. The spotlight will be on SOLEA 100, and a training session on this particular analyzer will be held during the exhibition, in a private room.   From January 25 to 28, 2016, BIOLABO will be exhibiting its products at the French Pavilion at Arab Health in Dubai (MEDLAB hall – French pavilion)

Trading Point, a French know-how applied in healthcare products.

Yousra LAHBABI - 29-nov.-2015 14:41:31
United Arab Emirates; November 2015 – For its first appearance at the Arab Health Show MEDLAB, from 25 to 28 January 2016 , the French company TRADING POINT , (Group ELITE PHARM), showed off its 2 trademark products: Perfect’Slim and Ginseng Royal Jelly. For almost 20 years now, the specialist in food supplements has been offering items that are ready for use, in standard and customized forms, made exclusively in France. Private label development is its core business. PERFECT’SLIM is an innovative three layers tablet that supports your weight management with success. This food supplements contains a patented chromium picolinate (with clinically proven efficacy in fat mass loss, satiety, and carbohydrate craving), peppermint and ginger. Perfect’slim is your ideal ally to slim effectively, as proven by efficiency tests. GINSENG ROYAL JELLY is a tasty and effective food supplement containing honey, royal jelly, ginseng, and vitamins. Those active ingredients act on both physical and mental health to provide a lasting positive effect on consumers’ well-being. This combination is dedicated to all people subjected to temporary or persistent fatigue, looking for tonus and dynamism. TRADING POINT , offers food supplements in both dry (tablets, capsules, hard-gel capsules and powders) and liquid forms (ampoules, drops and drinks). They cover a wide range of applications, from bones to muscles, joints, memory, vision, circulation, sleep, energy, immune system, prostate, digestion, slimming, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, and more. More than just products, TRADING POINT offers true added value, through its advice and services. Its expertise in raw materials and markets will make it a valuable partner to you in your next product development: from formulation to end-product delivery, not missing a step – technical and regulatory approval, visual creation, conditioning – along the way.  TRADING POINT furthermore means not only strong values - reactivity, innovation and professionalism - but also the utmost confidentiality, an absolute priority for its employees. Another undeniable asset: a multi-cultural sales team that has helped the Group establish itself in Europe, Asia and, more recently, the Middle East, while also boosting its revenue growth on the export market.   The Middle and Near East hold many attractive sales opportunities for the food supplements market. CEO Gérard Strauch shared: "We are delighted and excited to be preparing for our first appearance at the Arab Health Show. We expect that this international event will help us expand our network and ramp up our presence on these markets, through our current and future sales partners. We hope to build lasting bonds with local partners who share our beliefs, values and aspiration to provide todays customers with the high-quality, innovative products that will improve their everyday lives tomorrow."

ARAB HEALTH : the preferred trade show for French companies

Yousra LAHBABI - 29-nov.-2015 14:35:12
United Arab Emirates; November 2015 – 130 French companies will be taking part in Arab Health-Medlab, from January 25-28, 2016. With 1,440 m2 in exhibition space across 2 halls, 1 entirely dedicated to laboratory equipment and diagnostics, and expanding every year, the international trade show for medical systems offers a prime venue from them to show off their know-how. Business France – the National Agency for the Internationalization of French Business which supports them, has reported record-high registration levels for this years event. The French medical equipment industry is powered by cutting-edge companies, 94% of which are SMEs, or even VSEs. French manufacturers are geared at diagnostic imaging tools, disposable systems, implants, prostheses and orthotics. Their innovative tools are used in two main growth markets: aging surgery and plastic surgery. They also enjoy wide recognition in the fields of technical assistance, minimally-invasive surgery and in-vitro diagnostics. On the international front, they are further borne by the French health systems positive image and leading authorities in medicine. This has brought about real cooperation between Frances manufacturers and medical-surgical teams, both in R&D and in actual use of the devices produced. Frances manufacturers are generally positioned on high-technology niche markets (IVD and implants). Highly dynamic, they also meet every ethical and regulatory requirement on safety and quality. As the not-to miss event in the Near and Middle East, Arab Health-Medlab attracts more and more manufacturers each year, from all over France, with a uniquely innovative offer; one-third of them are participating for the first time. Exhibiting in both halls, they will be unveiling their latest in products for orthopedics (surgical implants for bone surgery, prosthetics, digestive surgery), diagnostics (biopsy tools, reactants and laboratory equipment, blood analyzers), consumables and equipment for health-care establishments, air treatment (air decontamination and filtering), waste treatment, hospital supplies (medical equipment and furniture: beds, carts) and in-home care (home stay, patient transfer). With the help of regional partners such as CENTRECO, Lille Eurasanté, Biomédical Alliance and, for the first time, the Aquitaine Region, all on-site at the France Pavilion each with some ten companies of its own, Frances latest in innovation will be center-stage at the 2016 Arab Health Show. Their technical expertise perfectly aligns with a local market that is highly-demanding and currently burgeoning in these fields. For further information: Contact: Malika HACHEMI Project Manager Business France Tel: +33 (0)1 40 73 35 70

Alstom begins train production for the Riyadh Metro

Miryem OUKAS MESSIDI - 16-nov.-2015 11:33:47
16 November, 2015 - Alstom has started the production of trainsets for the Riyadh Metro in its Katowice plant in Poland. As part of the contract awarded in 2013 by Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) to the FAST consortium , which includes Alstom , for the design and construction of lines 4, 5 and 6 of the Riyadh Metro network, the Katowice plant will manufacture all 69 of the Metropolis trainsets. The first three Metropolis trainsets will be delivered to ADA in 2017. Katowice plant, which hosts around 1,000 employees, is one of Alstom’s largest train manufacturing sites in the world. Every step of the train’s production, including the final static and dynamic tests, is carried out here. A full-size mock-up of the Riyadh Metropolis trainset manufactured by Alstom will soon be unveiled to the city’s inhabitants by ADA.   Metropolis for Riyadh is composed of two cars per set and is 36 metres long. Each train features three classes: first class, family and single. The train is driverless and is 100% motorized, allowing it to run on the slopes of the line with gradients up to 6%.  The trains will offer passengers a high level of comfort, ergonomic seating, LED lightning, air conditioning and an advanced passenger information system. In addition to the Metropolis trainsets, Alstom will provide Urbalis, its CBTC  signalling solution, as well as the power supply and Alstom’s energy recovery system HESOP. All sub systems have been optimised together so as to reduce energy consumption. The other Alstom sites involved in the project are located in France (Valenciennes for the engineering, Le Creusot for the bogies, Villeurbanne for the train control and monitoring system, Ornans for the motors and Saint-Ouen for the signalling), Spain (Madrid for the passenger information and security system) and Belgium (Charleroi for the traction sub-system and auxiliary converter). About Alstom  As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the railway sector. Alstom manages the widest range of solutions in the market – from high-speed trains to metros and tramways – and associated maintenance, modernisation, infrastructure and signalling solutions. Alstom is a world leader in integrated railway systems. It recorded sales of €6.2 billion and booked €10 billion of orders in the 2014/15 fiscal year. Headquartered in France, Alstom is present in over 60 countries and employs 32,000 people today.  Press contacts Linda Huguet – Tel. + 33 1 57 06 10 42 Justine Rohée – Tel. + 33 1 57 06 18 81 Tarek Solimane (Alstom Transport Middle East) – Tel.: + 971 56 4162 566
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