Créative French Design

Rejula ARUN - 24-oct.-2016 14:56:30
Créative French Design For the second edition of the Dubai Design Week (24th – 29th October), the cultural department of the French Embassy, the Institut français, seeks to highlight French design which was responsible for the spawning of generations of designers who succeeded in being internationally renowned.     E  The week will kick off with the opening of the exhibition ’20 Icons of French Design’ (Dubai Design District, Building 7, R01). The exhibition will present the most emblematic design creations which had an impact on X French daily lifestyle, but also received international recognition. From Philippe Starck’s ‘Juicy Juicer’, to H Massonnet’s ‘Tam-Tam’ seat; from Perrier’s glass to the BIC pen, each of these icons, French par excellence, I took advantage of technological innovations to break conventions, renew the aesthetic treatment and change B social practices. The exhibitio n aims to explore the relationship between the image and the consumer. I  What transforms an object into an icon? T  History? Commercial success? Notoriety? The opinion of the aficionados? I Most likely all of this things symbiotically. But also probably the object’s capacity to symbolically and visually capture the zeitgeist, while relegating its functionality to a second area concern. ’20 Icon of French Design’ O invites the visitor to discover the key items of French design since 1930, passing by seats of all kinds, the art N of living à la française, mass-produced utilitarian tools and modes of transport.    A roundtable composed of Emirati and French experts will present the issues in Intellectual Property, on 24th October, at 9.30am, within the framework of the Global Grad Show. Intellectual property boosts innovation and creation, and protects the way new products appear through the design components – the shape, the colours, the texture, as well as the whole look and feel of the new works. This roundtable highlights the role and implications of Intellectual Property, so that Designers understand the importance of developing the optimum protection of their creative works, benefit from their achievements and are rewarded for their efforts.   Finally, renowned French Schools of Design will present the most innovative projects of their postgrads. Electronic scores, books being printed whilst being read, memory recorders… all those objects may be part of our future. Have a look at what the everyday products might be.   Exhibition ’20 icons of French design’   24th - 29th October l  Dubai Design District – Building 7 – G01     Roundtable ‘Intellectual Property –  The necessary protection tool’   27th October – 9.30am Dubai Design District – Building 6   Postgrads Projects Global Grad Show   24th -28th October l 10am-9pm 29th October l 9am-6pm Dubai Design District – Building 6 – Atrium   Contact : Institut français des Emirats arabes unis - Ambassade de France / French Embassy PO Box 4014 - ABU DHABI T + 971 (0)2 813 10 38 - E-mail : - Website:  

The French oil & gas service industry remains a leading light of the ADIPEC exhibition Abu Dhabi – November 7-10, 2016

YASMINA OUARI - 12-oct.-2016 14:09:21
United Arab Emirates, 12th October  2016- Business France, the national agency for the internationalization of the French economy, will once again be organizing the French pavilion at ADIPEC, the world’s second largest trade fair for the oil & gas industry and one of the Middle East region’s key trade events. Some 40 French companies representing the industry’s various sectors will be showcasing their products, services and know-how to local professionals, so as to forge new ties or strengthen existing partnerships. The expertise, technical skills and capacity for innovation displayed by French companies have won the country international recognition and place it among Europe’s leading exporters.  In France, this is an industry driven by excellence, with one or two global leaders in practically every segment. Indeed, in addition to major operators such as ENGIE and TOTAL, it features a host of companies that supply equipment or services to the oil & gas industry, many of which are global giants in their respective fields (CGG, TECHNIP, etc.).   The sector also boasts two internationally renowned research institutes, IFP Energies Nouvelles and IFREMER, and several leading engineering firms and contractors. Well aware of the challenges to be met in today’s tough climate, the French firms in attendance at ADIPEC offer solutions that meet the needs of operators: reservoir optimization, reserve valuation, precision tools for wells and surface units, facility monitoring equipment and systems, environmental protection, etc.  The United Arab Emirates continue to run a wide-scale development programme in the field of hydrocarbons and therefore offer an attractive environment for French companies wishing to develop their activities and partnerships in the region. The France pavilion is located in hall 9, at stands 9230-9236 / 9250-9258/9330-9338/9350-9356. For more information:  BUSINESS FRANCE  Agnès Hagyak, Oil & Gas Project Manager Media contact: Yasmina Ouari +971 52 9952 997 List of exhibitors at the Business France pavilion: · 2B1ST CONSULTING: Consulting, data processing and services for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. · 3C METAL MIDDLE EAST: Industrial sheet metal and piping solutions. • 3X ENGINEERING: Pressurized pipeline repair systems: water, oil and gas. ·    ADIONICS: Seawater desalination processes. ·    AMACH CONSULTING: Package builder specializing in hydraulic equipment and machine tools. • AOIP: Test and measurement instrumentation and motor control systems.  • CENTREXPERT SAS: Conversion of machines and equipment for use in explosion-risk areas. • CHARLES BESSON: Design and manufacture of large and medium-sized sheet-metal structures for the oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace, shipbuilding and armaments sectors. • CHROMATOTEC: Gas analyzers. • CURISTEC: Engineering services for the mining and gas sectors. • DELTA PLUS SERVICES: Design and manufacture of a full range of personal protective equipment. • DORIS ENGINEERING: Offshore engineering. • DRILLSCAN: Solutions for the dynamic and mechanical modelling of casings and drilling tools. • DRILLSTAR: Manufacture of oil drilling equipment. • EASY SKILL: Engineering and recruitment firm specializing in the energy sector. • ECOLE FRANÇAISE DE FORAGE: School offering training in drilling techniques. • ELECTRA KLK EUROPE: Earthing and lightning protection systems - Aluminothermic welding - Power resistors • FEI: Publisher of 3D imaging software for engineers and scientists. • GAS VIEWER: ATEX gas detection cameras.  • HYD&AU: A group of companies operating in the hydraulic and electromechanical markets. • IFP TRAINING: Vocational training for the oil & gas industry. • MARECHAL ELECTRIC: Industrial electrical connections.  • MECANIC SUD INDUSTRIE: A leading global player in specific machining processes and the integration of mechanical solutions for high-tech industries. • ONIS: Line blind valves for the oil industry. • OPENFIELD TECHNOLOGY: Downhole instrumentation equipment. • PHOCEENNE MIDDLE EAST (GENOYER group): Manufacture of pipes and fittings for the oil & gas industry. • PROTEM: Design, manufacture and implementation of portable or transportable machining and welding equipment. • PYROCONTROLE: Design and manufacture of high-precision temperature sensors for extreme environments. • SALTEL INDUSTRIES: Design and manufacture of high-pressure and high-temperature inflatable packers. • SGAI CEVENNES: Maintenance of industrial pipework and sheet-metal structures. Manufacture of process packages for oil rigs. • SUD ROBINETTERIE INDUSTRIE: Manual and motorized valves. • TECHNOGENIA: Tungsten carbide wear protection products. • TECLIS: Manufacture of instruments for the physico-chemical analysis of surfaces and interfaces. • TTK: Design and manufacture of systems to detect leaks of water, acids and hydrocarbons (fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, etc.) in commercial and industrial applications. • VEGASE CONTROLE: Design, engineering and installation of security and safety systems for high-risk industries.  

France presents a three-pronged approach to gastronomy at Gulfood Manufacturing / Specialty Food Festival / Seafex with a firm focus on innovation- November 7-9, 2016 -

YASMINA OUARI - 03-oct.-2016 14:28:28
United Arab Emirates, October 3rd 2016 – Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy will introduce this year a brand new ‘Innovation Corner’ to highlight French products & packaging for the local food industry and three separate pavilions featuring Gourmet products, Ingredients and Equipment: up to 60 French companies are expected at this year’s event. France is making an emphatic statement about its leading position as the home of gastronomy, with its strong presence and unique offerings at this all-important annual trade show. Business France is spearheading France’s participation at Gulfood, across three different pavilions.  Like every other year so far 29 years, the French offering at the event will cement its position as one of the finest sources of quality food and related products. Most of the brands that will be participating are well-suited for entering this market – whether it is being halal-friendly in the case of ingredients, or equipment that will be well-suited to the booming food industry production in UAE Middle East region.  And for the first time this year, there will be a special ‘French Innovation Corner’ (located in the Ingredients Pavilion) where the most unusual and innovative new products will be showcased. Visitors will be able to discover everything from the latest technologies and packaging ideas, to new flavors, trendy ingredients and healthful foods – highlighting the cutting-edge creativity of France.  • The Ingredients Pavilion, spread over 308 square meter, will be located at Sheikh Saeed Hall: S1-B36 to B60 and S1-C35 to C64, and will showcase leading French companies from sectors such as dairy and its derivatives (ranging from milk proteins and powders); cereals and grains ; and other ingredients such as eggproducts and fruit preparation. The French Innovation Corner and Business France’s Ingredient Booth will be set in the S1- B60 zone of the pavilion. Exports of ingredients and intermediate foodstuffs from France to the UAE has grown steadily at a rate of 16% year on year, since 2010, to be worth €91,7 million in 2015.  Click here to view the exhibitor list:   • The Equipment Pavilion will take over 420 sq. m of space at Zabeel Hall 2 - B14/C13 – Z2-C14/D13. Here, visitors will find the latest technologies in food production, from cooling / freezing tunnels & blast cells, bakery equipment, custom plants and turnkey projects, packaging sterilization system, retorts, boilers, chocolate & sugar coating system. An excellent example of how French products can be adapted to the local market, include the showcase of crepe makers that can be useful for making regag bread. This section will have 30 companies participating.  UAE’s imports from France in this sector were valued at around €20,4 million in 2015, with packaging industry gadgets, food processing machines and bakery equipment being high on the priority list. Click here to view the exhibitor list:   • The third pavilion, highlighting French Gourmet Products, will be located in Hall 6, blocks D6-30 & D6-16. An array of food products from 16 different companies will be on offer, ranging from honey, confectioneries, chocolates, cookies and pastries, to premium beverages, seafood and dairy products. Most of these are on the luxury end of the scale, and belong to product categories which are already popular when it comes to French imports into the UAE.    Click here to view the exhibitor list:   France is recognized for its technical expertise and high quality products, particularly in the food sector and this is demonstrated in the fact that imports into the UAE from France has grown by over 213% since 2010. The UAE imports as much as 90% of its food needs, with its total import value totaling €14.2 billion, out of which, France represents €420 million worth; it is the third largest European supplier to the UAE F&B sector. French food industry is the 6th largest, globally speaking.  France’s turnover in agricultural products was valued at €67 billion in 2015, making conditions for a strong and sustainable food industry, achieving other worth sales of €130 billion.  The Middle East market is gaining increasing importance for France and this year’s strong offering across Gulfood Manufacturing, Specialty Food Festival and Seafex only reinforces that fact, further strengthening trade ties between the two regions.  About Business France: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Business France has recently launched its first international campaign called: “CREATIVE FRANCE”, in order to promote France’s economic attractiveness, strengthen perceptions towards France image and create positive conditions for French economic development. Media queries: Miryem Oukas Messidi Regional Communications Manager Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15        Mail :  

WETEX to welcome French companies

OUARI YASMINA - 29-sept.-2016 12:39:48
United Arab Emirates; 29 September 2016 – French companies to showcase innovative solutions on the World Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition in Dubai. WETEX Exhibition (held at the Dubai World Trade Centre) is internationally-recognized as one of the most prominent achievements of Dubai’s economy in green technology, renewable energy projects. At this global exhibition, French Companies, with the support of the French Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, will showcase their latest innovations to the world leading players in the Water, Energy and Environment Technology industries. Geographically, France benefits from the second largest wind power potential behind the United Kingdom, Europe’s fifth leading country in terms of sunshine, abundant water resources, major forest areas, the world’s second largest exclusive economic zone, just behind the United States, numerous geothermal resources. These geographic characteristics, in addition to its internationally recognized expertise in the field of energy, give France the possibility to become a major player in renewable energy and the chance to build powerful industrial sectors that could represent over 220,000 jobs by 2020. France is Europe’s third largest producer of renewable energy. In 2014, France produced 91 TWh of electricity from renewable energy. Revenue from the French renewable energy sector amounts to €11.32 billion. France is the leading producer of water treatment equipment and is ranked within the top five global exporters in the air sector. The Gulf countries have set a goal to integrate 7% of renewable energy into their energy mix by 2020 (i.e. 1,500 MW). By 2020, energy consumption of these countries is set to double. The United Arab Emirates massively invests in renewable energy, water and the environment. A concrete example is the Masdar eco-city, the Shams 1 solar power station. The numerous projects underway in the Gulf countries attract successful French businesses in the renewable energy, water and waste sectors. Their participation in the WETEX Exhibition will help them promote their offer in the Middle East and bolster their contact list.  Come and meet French companies in Hall 6 : AKUO ENERGY: the leading French independent producer of energy generated exclusively from renewable energies -  EDF: the EU’s leading hydropower supplier -  ENGIE: Global energy player, specialized in three sectors: electricity, natural gas, energy services - MASCARA: Water treatment equipment powered by renewable energy -  SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: The global specialist in energy management and automation -  SYNDICAT DES ENERGIES RENOUVELABLES (SER) : The French Renewable Energy Federation VEOLIA MIDDLE EAST: Water, waste and energy resource management expert - For more information: BUSINESS FRANCE Press Enquiries: Miryem OUKAS MESSIDI regional Communications manager +971-55-478-3215  

Leading French Companies Meet with Sports Leaders and Decision Makers in Qatar

YASMINA OUARI - 28-sept.-2016 13:10:39
Doha, QATAR – September 2016; Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, organizes “French Qatar Sport Days” from October 11 – 15, 2016, in Doha, Qatar. The event coincides with the Road World Championships organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale from 9-16 October 2016 in the heart of Doha, the first Middle East city to host the championship as well as many other international sport events including the 2022 FIFA world Cup.  Representatives of the French participating companies will visit local partners and distributors to offer their know-how, products and services, and will hold collective BtoB meetings with sports authorities and decision makers. Over a period of five days, they will meet with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the Qatar Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The program includes also the visit of a couple of football stadiums and clubs as well as meetings with Aspire Zone in addition to Aspire Zone site visit. About the event, Christelle Peyran, Head of Business France Qatar, said: “Qatar is getting ready to host the first Road World Championship in the Middle East among other major sport events such as the World Gymnastics Championship in 2018 and the FIFA World Cup in 2022. We believe that introducing leading French companies to local authorities and decision makers in the field of sports is a great opportunity for both parties to foster mutual relationships and help improve the economy of both countries”. French companies participating in the event include:  AREP, a multidisciplinary organization designing spaces and offering their expertise in all areas of urban planning and construction: multimodal hubs and railway stations, public amenities, offices, hotels and housing, shopping centers and technical facilities. DIETAL, a company specialised in the design and the manufacturing of professional indoor lighting fixtures.  ETIENNE LACROIX – RUGGIERI , one of leading companies in the pyrotechnic  field and fireworks. MARTY SPORTS, a company specialized in the design, manufacturing, marketing and installation of sports equipment.  MEDIATREE GROUP, a multinational contents, technologies, broadcast, production and media company. ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES, a global Information and Communication Technologies services provider.  OMNIRIS TECHNOLOGIES, a company specialized in the provision of fully integrated solutions to large venues (stadia & arena, theme parks, zoos & aquarias, museums and resorts).  SEAVER is a highly successful French start-up company based in Paris that is developing the first ever smart equipment for horses. French companies are ready to make all their skills and latest technologies available to fulfill Qatar’s sustainable objectives towards its major sport events. A group of French companies based in Qatar has founded a local cluster called French Team for Sport, supported by the French Embassy and Business France, to offer integrated solutions in the whole sport event value chain to the Qatari Authorities. French Team for Sport, which gathers 60 companies members will launch its website, under the patronage of Thierry Braillard, French Secretary of State in charge of Sport, during the Doha Cycling Road World Championship 2016.  Last June, Business France has launched globally a digital catalog in English that presents French expertise in organizing Major Events (Olympics, World Cup soccer...) and Sports Equipment available on : .   About Business France Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Business France has recently launched its first international campaign called: “CREATIVE FRANCE”, in order to promote France’s economic attractiveness, strengthen perceptions towards France image and create positive conditions for French economic development. For media inquiries, please contact: Miryem Oukas Messidi Regional Communications Manager Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15  Mail :   

The French Art Design Studio: ARTASA, contributed to the signature interior of the public area of the new Marriott Courtyard hotel in Riyadh

YASMINA OUARI - 26-sept.-2016 13:17:15
United Arab Emirates – September 2016 – ARTASA has designed and produced all the exclusive artworks displayed in the public areas of the new Marriott Courtyard hotel in Riyadh (recently opened), a property of AL HOKAIR REAL ESTATE.   Already well established in the GCC, ARTASA has been selected by AL HOKAIR REAL ESTATE, a leading group of Saudi, to provide all the art pieces of the lobby, lounge, restaurant and business center of its new luxury hotel property located at Mussa Bin Nasser street in Riyadh.  For this project, ARTASA has worked in collaboration with artists from North America, Europe, Asia and Saudi, fulfilling the particular requirements of Marriott and the interior designer of the project: Echo Architecture London. One of the most impressive art pieces is the huge backlit photo visible at the lobby reception of the hotel. It looks like a large window open onto a Ghaf tree, a local tree of Saudi Arabia. Riadh SIFAOUI, co-Founder and Art Director of ARTASA, has produced this image on order using the particular multi-row panoramic technique of shooting. Made of 20 photos stitched all together, the backlit image is offering an amazing sharpened and detailed view onto the tree, from corner to corner. This impressive rendering is emphasized by the angle of shooting: Riadh SIFAOUI has placed his camera under the tree. As a result, the backlit image gives the amazing feeling of being at the shade of it. The high quality of the digital print made on one roll of almost 7 meters long and 3 meters high (printed in France) and the backlight installation are accentuating this impressive rendering.  In addition to it, for the handmade paintings, the digital arts on glass and the other art pieces and decorative items displayed in the public areas of the hotel, ARTASA has collaborated with established artists coming from all over the world. For instance, ARTASA has involved Paul VILLINSKY, a famous visual artist from New York, for the wall installation located at the main entrance of the hotel. The artist has personally installed onsite a flow of over 200 butterflies. Cut from recycle aluminum cans and painted with the colors of the lobby, the butterflies are installed on wall of 7,6 meters long and 4 meters high and show several shapes and sizes. ARTASA has also worked with an experienced French artist, Jean-Paul BOYER, specialized in modular sculptures. His sculptures are made of many elements assembled with a central axis around which they can freely move. His idea is to keep alive the interest of the visitors by showing many different shapes with each of his sculptures. Mrs. Marie-Noelle DUREGNE, Co-founder and CEO of ARTASA stated: “We are proud of all the art pieces and decorative items we’ve provided for the Marriott Courtyard hotel in Riyadh. Each of them has been designed and produced on order, involving artists from America, Europe, Asia and also from Saudi! That’s why I can say that we’ve contributed to give a signature to the interior design of the public areas of this luxury hotel".   Marie-Noelle added: “Of course, we are also proud to count the Marriott Courtyard Riyadh in our list of references and FAWAZ A. AL HOKAIR REAL ESTATE Co., one of the largest real estate company of Saudi Arabia, as one of our client”. About ARTASA: ARTASA is a French company. Headquartered in Paris, the company is internationally oriented since its launch and particularly active in the Gulf Area. To suppo rt its business development and to establish a close relationship with its clients, ARTASA has developed partnerships with local companies and representatives. The French team is focused on the development of new collections inspired by cultures and heritages. They love to design art pieces mixing different techniques: academic drawing and painting techniques, ancestral craftsmanship (e.g: screen printing or gilding), and new technologies (e.g: laser cutting or digital art). For frames and onsite installation, ARTASA is working with partners located in each market covered by ARTASA.  Because ARTASA founders are art lovers, they continually look for new professional artists and craftsmen, all over the world, and they are especially concerned with quality and final rendering of their art pieces. For more information: ARTASA Paris Marie-Noelle DUREGNE                                                      M: +33 6 73 79 30 41  Available on WhatsApp Follow us on twitter: @artasa E-mail: Website:   ARTASA representatives: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Muhanad Alsayed, +966 56 410 0051 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Haif Hospitality Furnishing,, +966 11 464 9038 Doha, Qatar – Builtech Construction & Interior Decoration, +974 3101 0177 Ends -  Press Enquiries: Miryem OUKAS MESSIDI +971-55-478-32-15

REED EXPOSITIONS FRANCE appoints Boris Provost as Director of EQUIPHOTEL

OUARI YASMINA - 22-sept.-2016 14:23:13
Boris Provost is appointed Director of EquipHotel,the international event for hotel and catering professionals organised by Reed When he takes up his role in late September 2016, Boris Provost’s two key remits will be to develop EH Business Club, the new meetings event launching in Cannes in October 2017, and to expand the EH360 digital networking platform. He will then continue to develop EquipHotel, in France and internationally, directly overseeing the organisation of the show’s next session in November 2018. This appointment is part of the show’s ambitious growth strategy, as implemented over the past 4 sessions by Corinne Menegaux, Director of the Food Services & Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Communication & Culture Division at Reed Expositions France. “The tourism and hospitality sector is currently undergoing radical transformation. EquipHotel’s mission – as it has always been over the years – is to support industry professionals as they face these new challenges, by continuously delivering new ideas and new content,” says Corinne Menegaux, who will remain highly involved in the event’s strategy and future developments. As new ways of consuming various tourism products evolve ever more rapidly, with new players and new digital solutions constantly appearing on the scene, Boris Provost will need to anticipate major changes in the sector in order to communicate these effectively at the   show. “It’s a challenge I’m thrilled to be taking on! EquipHotel is part of an industry that’s constantly changing and I’m keen to contribute to these developments through my initiatives for the show. The pleasure of doing this will be all the greater for working with Corinne Menegaux and the existing exhibition team. In this context, the priority is to leverage all possible resources simultaneously, in France and internationally, in order to engage the entire hospitality sector around the EquipHotel brand – at the show in Paris, at the EH Business Club in Cannes and via our new EH360 digital platform!” says Boris Provost. In his previous role at WSN Développement, organiser of the fashion exhibitions Who’s Next and Première Classe, Boris Provost was successively responsible for marketing, communications, international development and the creation of exhibitions and other events in international markets. Now he’s set to bring these 15 years of experience with him to serve EquipHotel and its ambitions for the future. EQUIPHOTEL: at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles from 6 to 10 November 2016 EquipHotel in brief EquipHotel is organised by Reed Expositions, the leading trade show organiser. Its portfolio of major hospitality industry events includes: EquipHotel Paris, Marocotel by EquipHotel, Marocofood, Marrakech Hospitality Style, Parizza, Sandwich & Snack Show, Japan Food Show, Vending Paris. Combined, these shows attract more than 2,500 exhibitors and more than 200,000 visitors.
Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit: Consulting:  Law and regulation Market benchmarking Projects and requests for proposals Contacts : Market prospection Exhibitions and B to B meetings Technologic partnerships Communication : Press and public relations Professional advertisements Commerc


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