PREMIUM : an international fashion trade show for the high-fashion segment

Yousra Lahbabi - 01-juil.-2015 11:42:43
July 8-10 – Berlin, Germany-  PREMIUM is an international fashion trade show for the high-fashion segment, taking place twice annually in the STATION-Berlin exhibition halls. With more than 60,000 visitors, some 1,500 collections on show, and approximately 23,000 square meters of exhibition space, PREMIUM is the only trade show in the world to bring together premium brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors at this scale and level of quality. PREMIUM’s calling card: Each and every season, the most in-demand high-fashion collections, the most innovative products, and the most leading trends from around the globe are united in one place, from womenswear, menswear, denim, and sportswear to footwear and accessories like handbags and jewelry. The motto: quality over quantity. The means: consistent curatorial standards, continuous research, and the integration of new collections. The goal: providing clients with outstanding conditions for placing orders as well as the inspirational push to stay ahead in a very competitive market. The season-to-season fine-tuning of the brand portfolio, the high proportion of new collections (25-30%), and the integration of innovative new concepts are what keep PREMIUM consistently unique, one season after another. At PREMIUM, the needs of the retail market are always at the forefront. A clear, well-structured concept, easy-to-access information, stringent brand standards, and comprehensive service are designed to make the work of both exhibitors and trade show visitors efficient and enjoyable. Strong brands, one strong trade show, an alliance grounded in one key quality: The name says it all— PREMIUM. It’s been more than 10 years since the first PREMIUM took place in January 2003. Since then, the revolutionary concept, the unique locations, the creative potential of the city of Berlin, and the visionary spirit of the PREMIUM founders have combined to make PREMIUM a leading event on the world’s fashion and lifestyle stage. PREMIUM is open exclusively to trade professionals: exhibitors, buyers and representatives of the press.   More about Premium   French exhibitors : American Vintage, Anna Studio, Brigitte Bardot, IRO, La Manufacture, Les racines du ciel, Léon & Harper, Prêt Pour Partir, Weill, Sessun…   More about French brands    

The French company SATAM was present at AirportShow Dubai

Yousra LAHBABI - 16-juin-2015 10:36:51
United Arab Emirates; 16 th of June 2015 – SATAM, expert in hydrocarbon metering systems, present on the market since 1921, developed its products to meet customer requirements getting more and more complex and specialized. With an offer dedicated to aviation applications, SATAM is currently a major player of aviation fuel metering commercial transactions. SATAM offers equipment for refuelers and fuel dispensers, as well as solutions for small airports and airport depots.   -   SATAM equipment for refuelers and fuel dispensers: its meters, known for their reliability, and its ultra-communicating flow computers, are mounted on the refuelers and fuel dispensers. They allow an accurate determination of the delivered fuel quantities and billing it to the airlines.    -  SATAM solutions for small airports: SATAM aviation offer also includes a complete distribution unit of aviation fuel dedicated to the fueling of small aircrafts and helicopters. This unit, delivered ready for use, includes metering system, micro filter separator, pump and fuel distribution pipe.    - SATAM solutions for airport fuel farms: the inflow and outflow of the aviation fuel in the airport fuel farms must be defined accurately to draw up a material balance. With a range of equipment dedicated to metering on pipeline and measuring systems adapted to the products reception, the inflow into the depot can be determined accurately. The injection of additives in the fuel (anti icing, corrosion inhibitor, antistatic, thermal stabilisator) can also be controlled by the flow computer Equalis. Finally the loading stations of refuelers can be equipped with SATAM loading units including a gas separator, a meter, a valve and a flow computer. In addition, the set of SATAM equipment has metrology certificates for the fuel commercial metering transactions (in compliance with the international recommendations of OIML R117 and API). It’s certified as well for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX and IEC EX).   According to Mr. Didier Bizec, export manager in SATAM: Airportshow Dubai was an excellent opportunity to reaffirm the company’s position as a key supplier in this market of aviation fuel distribution. Thanks to its closeness to the major players of the sector, SATAM was able to develop its product range over the years in order to meet at best the customers’ requirements. Its state-of-the-art flow computer EQUALIS with its reliable meter of international reputation, participated in the updating and elaboration of new solutions in this market. Mr. Didier Bizec added: supported by a network of local distributors well established and well qualified technically, SATAM guarantees a good reactivity to commercial and technical requirements as well as an efficient and fast operation and maintenance of its equipment.   About  SATAM: SATAM is an expert in hydrocarbon metering solutions. Specifically designed for custody transfer metering of liquid petroleum products and non-corrosive chemicals, SATAM meters are used in oil depots, on oil road tankers, aircraft refuelers and fuel dispensers for loading, unloading, transfer, blending and additive injection operations. SATAM electronic preset delivery system Equalis S is a field instrument capable of controlling one or two metering points. This all-in-one flow computer has the flexibility of handling blending and additives injection applications and can manage communication with most cab mounted information and data capture systems. Contacts: Thierry KNIPILER Marketing Manager Mail: Satam SAS – Meci SAS Tel : +33 1 49 38 41 10 Web : Press / Media: Miryem OUKAS MESSIDI Head of communications – Press office & Regional Development Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 / Yousra LAHBABI   Press Officer - Press office & Regional Development Mobile: +971 (0)56 470 23 82 /

For its 80th anniversary, the renowned French cosmetic brand Arcancil Paris will extend its presence in the Middle East

Yousra Lahbabi - 15-juin-2015 08:52:19
United Arab Emirates - Very well represented in Dubai, ARCANCIL PARIS is celebrating its 80 years anniversary in 2015. 80 years of engagement with women, of commitment to quality, of makeup know-how and most of all, 80 years of French glamour! Specialist in make-up for eyes, ARCANCIL PARIS predominates the Parisian elegance since 80 years, thanks to the perfect quality of its products and its wide range of colors. Arcancil Paris is very involved in the beauty sector in the Middle East. The company participated in the Beautyworld trade show again this year and offered amazing high quality products to women who visited the French pavilion during the show. Selective but having an attractive positioning, the brand follows closely all the emerging trends and strengthens its standing as a cosmetic expert by developing products resulting from the latest innovations in terms of formulation and colors, suitable for all kinds of skin, especially oriental women.  2015 is the restage of the brand: This year, ARCANCIL PARIS is turning 80 years old. On this occasion, the brand reinvents itself with a new logo along with new elegant beauty visuals to accompany every new launch or look. The in-store look of the brand will also change with upgraded merchandising displays and new inserts for wall-units and gondolas. And last but not least, to celebrate its 80 Years anniversary, a special limited collection of the emblematic products in golden package will be launched. Perfect to create in-store event! Staying true to its values and keeping its commitment of guaranteeing the best level of quality, security and efficiency for its products, ARCANCIL PARIS offers to women, young and mature, products created exclusively and manufactured in the best French and European laboratories in complete compliance with the European standards. The company’s control of texture, colors and galenic forms offered to its clients, allows it to create the best products in terms of formulations and packaging. About ARCANCIL PARIS : ARCANCIL PARIS is a French makeup brand created in 1935 that has been achieving a true revival since its takeover in 2006 by INSTITUT CAMEANE; allowing it to get back on the international stage with a new team of cosmetic professionals and to give the brand, historically renowned, a modern and glamorous image. Website : Facebook :   Story of the brand : In 1935 the Havlick brothers, one chemist the other colorist, made their first inventions in their small laboratory, located at the very heart of Paris. Right from the launch of their first creation, the brothers became very successful and Arcancil Paris was quickly established as the eye make-up specialist brand. Starting from 1966, the brand is distributed in the famous stores of Monoprix-Lafayette and is one of the first brand to set up in-store makeup animation. In 1994, Arcancil Paris is launched internationally and get distributed in 55 countries, on all continents. It becomes one of the first few brands distributed in Eastern countries as well as in the People’s Republic of China. Since 2006, Arcancil Paris is part of Institut Caméane, a young start-up with the passion of entrepreneurship which managed to give the brand a new beginning. Contacts : Anne Delleur - CEO Tel : +33 1 71 19 95 93 mobile : +33 (0)6 99 78 81 33                                      Press contact in the Middle East: Miryem Oukas Messidi Tél. : + 971 (0)4 408 49 69 - Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15  Mail : Al Habtoor Business Tower, 24 th floor - Dubai Marina @BF_MiddleEast    

Vendôme International Property, formerly known as Al France Property, announces its new establishment in Dubai

Miryem Oukas Messidi - 10-juin-2015 10:17:20
United Arab Emirates, June 2015 – The new property agency in the United Arab Emirates (formerly named as Al France Property) developed new real estate services and now became VENDOME INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY (VIP). The agency, freshly based in Dubai, increased sales revenue by 50% from GCC investors between 2013 and 2014. Few years ago, Al France Property was launched in order to meet its client’s requirements for French properties. In 2015, the company decided to expand its network and take the company to a next level, where it will not only offer real estate services in France but also in the most iconic cities around the world under its new branding name VENDOME INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY. In 2014, the real estate agency reported sales of 22 320 000€ from GCC investors in comparison to 11 500 000 € in 2013. It is interesting to specify that UAE nationals present 13% of the total sales while Kuwait and Saudi buyers were 50% and 25% respectively. However, lower number of sales in UAE is not because there was a drop in number of sales transaction carried out but only because VIP increased its activities in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. With this new name and branding, VENDOME INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY plans to offer a range of property services and investments in countries like Spain, Morocco and many more to come in future. At the same time, French Real Estate will continue to be a focal point. Despite changing the name and branding, company values remain unchanged:  commitment, integrity, loyalty, unbiased advice and personal relationship.  Dubai shall be hosting World Expo in 2020 and is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70 percent of which will be from overseas. With the projects for Expo 2020 underway, it is bringing lots energy and potential to the business. VENDOME INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY feels it would be a perfect opportunity to meet clients from various backgrounds in Dubai office during the next coming years.  Marie MAHMOUCH, general manager of VENDOME INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY (VIP) says: “we have chosen Business Bay to establish our new offices, for its central location in the heart of Dubai”. MAHMOUCH explains, “Undoubtedly Dubai is the Business Capital of Middle East. Business Bay is centrally located between the old and new Dubai. Thanks to the road networks, it’s easily accessible from all the emirates. Apart from being a business hub, it is very close to the most attractive areas like Downtown Dubai and City Walk, which is coming soon. At the same time, Business Bay is not far from the airport. We shall be welcoming our clients from other GCC countries, whether they’re coming for business, weekend stop over or for shopping”. To conclude, she added: “we see ourselves growing in the most happening and dynamic city”.   While Dubai becomes the new regional head office, VIP agency already has a branch in Kuwait and shall soon be opening its first office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh to be even closer to the clients. In the 1st Quarter of 2015, UAE investors represent 40% of the total sales, while KSA represent 32% and Kuwait 20%. International Property Show Dubai 2015 which was held in April helped VIP to boast to momentum.  In the coming years, VIP CEO foresees an enjoying healthy growth. Laurent Bailet, the CEO of VIP, said, “I completely understand how difficult it could be to take decision of buying property especially in foreign countries. So, I decided to make it an easier and pleasurable experience for my clients by opening number of offices in the Middle East. This will help us to stay closer to our clients and offer them services at their doorstep. Bailet further added, “My father setup the business 35 years ago. It has been a family business ever since. The business environment in all of our offices is family oriented and welcoming, as we treat our staff and clients part of our growth. We have been successfully dealing with the clients from Middle East for more than 15 years now. This has given us most valuable experience, understanding to their requirements and needs” The Middle Eastern culture is family oriented. When one person feels comfortable with an area, the developer or the project, he will be glad to bring his family with him. VIP understands that and offers tailor-made services to Middle Eastern clients, as well as a perfect balance between quality and affordable prices. Another driving factor for investors from Middle East is the exchange rate from local currencies to Euros. Euro is at its weakest position at the moment. This is really encouraging for the local investors to spend in Europe, buy trophy assets, holiday homes and save up to 20% in exchange rate.  ABOUT VIP: VENDOME INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY, previously well-known under Al France Property name, is managed by a very well established developer from France, based in the famous spa town of Evian. With 35 years of industry experience and wealth of knowledge, projects are always backed by the bank guarantee, delivered on time and with the same quality that the company promises. In 2015, VIP clients received 33 apartments and villas sold Laurent BAILET, himself, delivered 50 properties last year. There are further 150 properties under construction, which will be handed over between 1st quarter 2016 and 1st quarter 2017. Those properties were sold in 2014 and in the 1st Quarter of this year.  VIP is extending its expertise to provide real estate services in other countries. The company is very selective and is working with strong developers in Spain, Morocco and Sultanate of Oman. During summer, VIP will explore the unexplored markets of Germany, Italy and Greece, which are popular with GCC residents. For more info:  Contacts: Marie MAHMOUCH General Manager Mail: Press / Media:  Miryem OUKAS MESSIDI Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15

Renault launches a ‘car for conquest’

Yousra Lahbabi - 04-juin-2015 12:57:04
Renault Group chief Carlos Ghosn unveiled here on Wednesday what he called a ‘car for conquest’ to compete in the compact segment that represents one-fourth of India’s market with estimated annual sales of about three million units. The French automaker announced plans to start selling the 800-cc Kwid during the September-November festival season. At a starting price of ₹3 lakh — about €4,200 or $4,500 — the Kwid is positioned on the value-for-the-buck platform and will take on Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, the top players in this segment. Maruti’s Alto 800 starts at ₹2.83 lakh, the Hyundai Eon at ₹3.09 lakh (e-showroom Delhi). Maruti Suzuki sells about 300,000 cars and Hyundai about 90,000 in the entry level range. The Kwid offers a lot in terms of looks and performance, said Ghosn. Terming it an “important pillar for advancement of Renault in India”. Built on the Renault-Nissan alliance’s new CMF-A platform, the Kwid holds the key to the company meeting the target of taking a 5 per cent share of the domestic car market, he said. The Kwid is the product of French, Indian and Japanese talent and balances cost and features, including an SUV-like look, best in class leg-room for a compact car, and the first-of-its-kind multimedia-navigation system with a seven-inch display. Air bags are optional, he said. According to Ghosn, the Kwid has a unique first — developed by a global manufacturer with 98 per cent localisation from Day One. Renault now has a 1.5 per cent market share in India, mostly from the SUV Duster, its single successful offering among half a dozen models that have seen ‘moderate sales’. But all the launches have taught the company a lot in its five-year stint in India. A couple of months back, it launched the Lodgy, a multipurpose vehicle, whose sales have just started, he said. The CMF-A platform will serve as a pad for launching an entirely new range of vehicles by both the alliance partners Renault and Nissan, which have built a factory with a capacity of 400,000 cars a year at Oragadam near Chennai. Primarily for the India market, the Kwid may in due course be exported to South-East Asian and neighbouring countries, Ghosn said. Nissan will launch a Datsun brand on the same platform next year. While the platform will be shared, there will be no cross-badging of any model, he said. Both the new platform and the engine provide room for a whole line of evolution, he said.   Source : Maxime Amiot - – 20th may 2015

Francois Sporrer Business France director for Middle East region promoted the UAE to boost French Exports

Yousra Lahbabi - 03-juin-2015 11:12:03
Francois Sporrer Business France director for Middle East region promoted the UAE to boost French Exports Please click below:    


Yousra Lahbabi - 21-mai-2015 14:23:15
Saudi Arabia; May 2015 -  A high-level French trade delegation comprising of over 33 prominent companies, met with leading Saudi Groups to discuss potential partnerships and business opportunities in fast growing sectors: electricity, telecommunications and poultry. The 3 Delegations of French business men, led by the “Chargé d’Affaires” of the Embassy of France, Mr. Eric Giraud-Telme have been able to meet with all important decision makers during this business trip, organized by BUSINESS FRANCE , the French Trade Commission in Riyadh, in cooperation with SEC, AL FANAR, STC, ZAIN, Ministry of Agriculture, ADF and many other partners. The bilateral trade between France and Saudi Arabia has gone up significantly through the past few years but are still far below the excellent political relations built up between the two governments. Total bilateral trade reached more than 10 billion euro in 2014, Saudi imports from France amounting to 2.9 billion euro while Saudi exports to France accounted for more than 7 billion euro.  Over 70 French companies have been active in the Saudi market with an investment estimated at 15 billion USD. France was the 2nd biggest exporter of Poultry products to Saudi Arabia in 2013, with more than 150 000 tons sold to the Kingdom’s market. Between 2009 and 2013, our exports of poultry products to Saudi Arabia have increased of 64%, showing the excellent performance of French breeders and exporters and the steady growth of KSA consumption as well. Our market shares have progressed of 3 points during the same years, representing nowadays almost 20% of total imports. The Saudi poultry sector is currently undertaking major expansions, following the objective of the Saudi Government to reach auto-sufficiency. French companies understand very well the new evolutions and came to work closely with local breeders and producers to share their know-how and support them in reaching the new objectives targeted by the Saudi authorities.   Telecommunications equipment exports from France was estimated at 69 Million Euros at the end of 2014, growing 5,3% compared to the previous year (2013), and representing 2,3% instead of 1,9% in 2013, of total French exports towards Saudi Arabia. The increase of the share of French Telecoms equipment exports to KSA shows the strong and steady growth of this sector in this country. Saudi Arabia counts for 50% of the population below 24 years old, more than 14.3 million internet users with 53% Internet penetration rate and estimated 88% smartphone penetration rate in 2015. Saudi telecom operators such as STC, Mobily and ZAIN, are considered as strategic partners for the French services and equipment suppliers.   France was exporting electrical equipment for a value estimated to 493 million USD in 2014, against 433 million USD in 2010, representing an increase of our bilateral trade in this sector, of 14% during the past 4 years. Those numbers are far below the total imports of Saudi Arabia for electrical equipment that have progressed of 72,6% during the same period of time, representing a total of more than 17,7 billion USD at the end of 2013. SEC estimates that electricity consumption should reach 100 GW by 2040. French suppliers want to grab further market shares through the future developments of new power plants and transmission networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. France is actively involved in the Kingdom’s diversification, job creation and training for the direct benefit of Saudi youth and with the support of French groups and SME’s settled locally or willing to work within KSA in the near future. Schneider Electric, leading electrical equipment manufacturer, heading the 3 visiting delegations, together with Bank Saudi Fransi and Naos International Human Resources Cabinet have shown the way to the new companies, during the past 3 days. With the last official visit of Mr. Francois Hollande, President of France, in Saudi Arabia, on the occasion of the GCC summit organized in Riyadh beginning of May, the bilateral relations between the two countries has reached a new stage, through the existing strategic partnership that will allow significant reinforcement of trade and industrial ventures, and will facilitate major projects to be developed jointly in the forthcoming years. The visit of those 3 important delegations in Saudi Arabia is a another achievement demonstrating the fruitful and trustful relationship existing between France and Saudi Arabia, taking place before the organization of the Saudi-French Business Opportunities Forum to be held in Riyadh on October 12 th and 13 th with the support of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit:   Consulting: Law and regulation Market benchmarking Projects and requests for proposals Contacts : Market prospection Exhibitions and B to B meetings Technologic partnerships Communication : Press and public relations Professional advertisements Commercial pro



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